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  • lg08 Newbie   1 review
    Waited for over 1 hour while reception staff told me I would be next and I continued to see people seen before me. Honestly the worst experience I have ever had with a medical clinic.
  • mollychick   5 reviews
    Discovered this bulk billing medical centre a couple of yrs ago and always book an appt prior to coming, so very rarely have to wait longer than my appt time. If anything, maybe about 10 to 15 minutes later than appt time sometimes but not often. I see the same Dr each time, Dr Ghattas, and find him really good, punctual, usually apologises if he is running late and is very courteous.I also find the reception staff usually fairly nice and polite and they are usually under the pump working there.

    10 months ago - 17/02/2014

  • bec78312   7 reviews
    In and out in 30 minutes. Including going to the chemist. The doctor was wonderful and very helpful as was the reception staff.
    Maybe I got a good night but my only experience was a good experience.
  • David J M Newbie   2 reviews
    Wait and reception staff:
    Long waits but shorter if your able to book in. But not always.

    Doctors: I found one there and see no-one else

    Is 24 hours with pharmacy and equipment. Over all this place isn't bad
    • Risha Newbie 
      The reception staff told me its going to be 40 mins wait but it took 4 hrs before my husband see the doc really disappointing service they just had to be honest saying that its gonna be a long wait but didnt

      6 months ago - 19/06/2014

  • mond Newbie   1 review
    The staff at the clinic were rude. When my husband and myself arrived we were distressed and while waiting to see a doctor went back to the reception area a few times to ask them questions. Their attitude was rude.
  • Tricia13 Newbie   1 review
    Though my wait time was short, they were uncommunicative. They typed in my symptoms, asked a couple of questions and printed out a script without any explanations of what I might have. I'm still not sure whether I was meant to wait or if they call with test results.
  • Brendan James Newbie   1 review
    Been waiting for over one hour got told on phone the wait was about 15 minutes behind the counter won't be coming back here again
  • berwickgirl23 Newbie   1 review
    Reviews that people have left seem so harsh - The clinic is open 24 hours, every day, and ALL public holidays. The BulkBill all the time. They have nursing staff there always to help and even just to check you while you wait. So yes, sometimes you wait a while but you will always get seen! This Clinic has been a god-send for me and my family. There are some amazing doctors there - I have my regular family GP that I see there, but if he's booked or not working I just see another Doctor... Not always as good, but the point is there is always someone there. People are judging but how can you be so critical of such a valuable service? where else can you see a bulk-billing doctor at 3 in the morning? I would highly recommend this surgery. They're a great hospital alternative and have most services (stitches, plastering etc).
  • Sofie1 Newbie   1 review
    I totally agree with everyone. Most of the doctors are rude. The doctors don't listen to you and they pressure you to accept their opinion. I only go there if there is an emergency and I have no other options.
  • sstudd Newbie   1 review
    I was hesitant to go to the super clinic due to all the negative feedback, however I was in a great deal of pain and needed to see a doctor. I arrived at the clinic for the first time at about 1am. I was seen within 15minutes and given helpful advice. The doctor I saw really cared about my well-being. He even requested I wait until the needles took affect before I drove home to ensure my safety. I don't know what it would be like in the day time, but for emergency night assistance I recommend it.
    This Doctor took his time to ask questions and to care for me. He was very lovely.

    The gentleman at the service desk was pleasant as well. Overall I am very pleased with the service I received.



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