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Reviews of Cat Lovers Veterinary Clinic

  • To all cat owners; Dr Jim hands down is the best cat vet in Melbourne.
    After an unfortunate accident with a vehicle our kitty showed signs of a serious leg injury among other superficial wounds.
    He was rushed the the animal emergency centre given it was late at night when the injury was discovered.
    We were given the option to have him stay overnight at a cost in excess of $1000 or be sedated and return home until our regular vet opened.
    We took the later but still left $300 lighter.
    After phoning around the Mornington peninsula and Frankston vet clinics the estimate for X-rays was over $500 and anywhere from $1500 to $3000 to repair the break depending on the severity.
    On phoning Cat Lovers they advised me that the X-ray would be around $80 and managed to fit him in quickly the same day.
    It turns out our cat had several severe breaks in his hind leg.
    This was rectified on the spot.
    The consultation, sedation, X-ray and plaster cast only cost me $240; a far cry from the $2000 - $3000 estimates from other clinics.
    I'm convinced that Dr Jim is a pro bono vet and his fee structure is reflective of his genuine love of our feline friends.
    I will not visit another clinic from this point forward and will travel to Frankston for this service in the event I ever move out of town.
    Our many thanks to Dr Jim and the wonderful staff for not only caring for our kitty but our family during a very stressful time.
  • Jim Euclid has been my vet for several years. As I am a very compassionate and loving cat person, it matters to me where they go. Jim is wonderful towards his patients. I have NEVER come across a vet who is so caring and loving. Please do your babies a favor and take them to the best.
  • I just 'rescued' my two 7 year old cats from my ex who had not taken them to a vet for ???? So I was a bit worried. Wow, what a surprise! Vaccinations done, wormed, nails trimmed and some very nasty matting combed out of my little girl. Out of there in less than 20 minutes. All done. AND I didn't have to get a bank loan to pay the bill! Very reasonably priced. Thank you for making everything ok again.
  • So glad I found Dr Jim Euclid after years of engaging the services of other vets in the Frankston district. Jim is extremely ethical, humane and compassionate and does not price-gouge as many other practices do.
  • I recommend this vet to all my family & friends, even if they have to travel a bit! Best prices i've ever seen with being a cat owner for many many years now. I recently bought a new kitty friend who came with 50% off vet bills for the rest of her life.. compared prices & Cat Lovers is still the cheapest way to go! The entire team are such caring, compassionate & helpful people. I have rang several times for advice & feel that they would talk all day if that's what it takes for me to understand something or to help my "babies" out, not like other vets who tell you to rush in straight away to make a bit of $$. Like my rating says.. "As good as it gets, the best!!!" Keep up the great work Cat Lovers!
  • I have been taking my cats to Jim for a few years and have found him to be a wonderful, caring and compassionate vet. Where I have been ripped off at other clinics, Jim has always been honest and his fees are more than fair. His staff are also great and very accommodating. I couldn't say a bad word about the place! Thanks for taking such good care of my 'kids'
  • i had the worst time at this vet.
    reception was rude to my partner and i, we were unable to even speak to the vet before putting my kitten in for her shot and desexing, we were quoted $85 for the desexing on the phone then charged $113 after it was done (this doesnt include the shot), were not supplied with a 'victorian collar' (they didnt even have any for sale or anything) to stop my cat biting her stitches even after we asked about that very thing (which is what she did as soon as we got home!!!she was a 13 week old kiten!! duh!!) we had to go to the emergency vet clinic to purchase one and it was just luck they had one. the vet having a busy day is no excuse to lower the standard of care. the rudeness of reception was completely uncalled for and put quite a sour taste in my mouth for sure!! i even took my kitty to another vet and paid to have her stitches out so i wouldnt have to deal with those people again. i will not be returning and have found a much nicer caring vet.
    • You will not find a more caring and fairly priced Vet as Dr Jim Euclid. Vaccinations are generally up to $65.00 (F3), desexing can be between $98.00 to $150.00 on a female kitten, males are generally cheaper. Re the Victorian collar, it is known as a Elizabethan Collar, and funny how the emergency Vet only had one. They are very rarely used with cats, & not considered a requirement for aftercare from a Desexing procedure. If you had of done your research you would have found their price was much cheaper than other Vets.The staff are more than willing to answer questions and offer informative advice to clients. This Vet Clinic is very animal & people friendly. There would have been 2 stitches to be removed, free of charge and you could have done this very easily yourself. Shame on you !
  • I've been going to Jim for 6 years now and can't praise him enough. As a cat breeder, I don't know what I would have done without him, his gentle ways, his sound advice and his very reasonable prices. His love for cats is much appreciated, and it's great to go to a vet who doesn't consider cats as less important than dogs, nor expect sick cats to sit in a waiting room while being threatened by doggy patients!!

    Jim's staff, Sam, Cherie and Rebecca are great too - thanks, ladies!

    Loraine of Borealis Norwegian Forest Cats and Shenji Birmans
    www.borealiscats.com www.shenjibirmans.com
  • There is no better vet in Melbourne, if you live on the other side of the city, it is worth the drive to go there for animal treatment, Jim is a compassionate vet that IS NOT out to extort, the pet loving population of world. He is the best priced vet anywhere.

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