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Cemons Hair & Beauty

Dernancourt, SA
Open today - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Reviews of Cemons Hair & Beauty

  • I have been a loyal customer of this salon for 6 years which, until recently when two long staff left, has been fantastic. My last visit, however, was an absolute disaster.

    The staff on duty rushed my visit telling me they wanted to get home early because they'd had a large number of cancellations that day and I was their last customer.

    They left me under the heating device for too long resulting in my hair colour being too light and my hair is now very dry and brittle. Not only that, the application of my foils was terribly uneven and even after one day I was having to style my hair differently in order to cover up the terrible colour job!

    It was clear to me at the time that the staff knew they had not done a good job on my hair as they seemed to be stressed when discussing the colour between themselves and then trying to cover up their error by gushing about how great the colour looked. I have had multiple comments from people asking what I have done to my hair!!

    Although I was upset about this at the time and ever since, I have absolutely no faith in the skills of the staff at this salon and so rather than asking them to fix it, I will have to wait until I can afford to get my hair fixed - at a new salon!
    • Can't believe what I just read 'deja vu' exactly the same thing happened to me at this store around the same time. They think they are hard done by leaving on time, but what about the humilliation and the months of trying to repair our hair, & we paid for that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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