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Centennial Health Club

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Moore Park, NSW
Open today - 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Mon 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Tue 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Wed 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Thu 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Fri 6:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sat 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sun 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Come and meet us at Centennial Health Club at Fox Studios described by Men's Health Magazine as "Raising the Bar" for Sydney gyms and that it is time to "forget soulless gym chains and get real results at Centennial Health Club, where it's all about variety and personalised service".

Why? Because Centennial Health Club offers:

* A specially crafted designer space where you will actually want to workout!

* Top of the line cardio suite, free weights and strength machines

* Huge range of new and exciting fitness classes (have you heard of Kangoo, Off The Wall, Foxy Fit?)

* Yoga and Pilates (but with our special twist)

* We ensure all classes are fun small groups and included in your membership, no extra costs

* Relax and drop your kids into our free creche/child minding where their safety and fun is our top priority

* Never get bored with our multi-discipline training such as TRX Frames, Urban Fitness Racks, Sprint Track and Climbing Wall

* Sydney's finest (friendliest and not that bad looking either) personal trainers

* Free parking minutes from the gym (and loads of it)

* Fully flexible membership options with no hidden nasty surprises

So drop into the club today for your FREE 7-day trial membership.

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Service Options

Mums & Infants Workouts Fitness Programs Nutrition Programs Weight Loss Program One-on-One Personal Training

Class Times

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Reviews of Centennial Health Club

  • This gym is breath of fresh air!
    I have recently become a member here and all I can wish for is joined sooner. As soon as I walk into the gym I am greeted with a smile and happiness and the help and support from all of the staff is unparalleled to any other gym I have stepped foot in. You can tell the place is full of passion and it is driven from the enthusiastic owner who is always more than accommodating and happy to listen to your needs.
  • Top gym with awesome gear to play with and a friendly team of experienced coaches. Never overcrowded & has a great atmosphere that keeps me coming back for more. Love the indoor/outdoor feature making the club feel really spacious and fresh. 2 hrs free parking is also a massive plus!! :) Very happy member, super glad I joined.
  • Best gym in Sydney!! The facility is like no other with each training session brining a new experience to my fitness journey. The staff are all welcoming and helpful who are always available to help answer any questions I have. I love training here because it feels like a big kids playground with all the different equipment that I can use for my sessions. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who wants to have an experience during their training sessions.
  • Such a spacious and welcoming place- not intimidating like other gyms and the classes have a really good atmosphere. Other members here are great & have made some new friends!
  • Honestly the best gym I have joined! The trainers know exactly what they are doing and I have learned so many new techniques of training! techniques that mean you are in and out in 45 mins but you have still worked your butt off! There are no meat heads in there either taking over the machines just a nice mix of men and women genuinely looking to improve their fitness 10 out of 10!!!!
  • I hate gyms but decided to give this one a go as I received a free 7 day trial in the letterbox. To my surprise, the gym is great. I love the classes as they are different from other gyms and the staff are really "genuinely" helpful. I am 47 years old with three teenage kids and find it hard to get motivated. The variety of classes on offer stops me from getting bored and are really effective. You don't have to spend hours here to get results which is a big plus. Give it a go!
  • Great gym with really helpful staff and a great variety of classes. The creche is a major bonus and parking is easy. Wed and saturdays EQ have a fantastic growers market too !!!
  • Stumbled upon this gym after going to the movies with my girlfriend. Went in, checked it out, loved the layout and setup. After my trial I was hooked. Fun classes, nice members and no intimidating members that make you feel awkward. Really worth a try!
  • I first heard of Centennial from a brochure dropped at my doorstep offering a 7-day trial. Traditionally I have made a habit of avoiding gyms but this all changed when I did the trial period at Centennial and got involved with some of their engaging, fun and challenging group classes. I started off with Bikini Bootcamp followed by Sweat Box and then some Pilates and Yoga. As a result I became a member on their month-to-month deal which I quickly changed to a 6-month membership because I knew I would keep on coming in to work out. The great thing about their classes is the small size of the group under the instruction of enthusiastic and happy trainers! It feels more like personal training sessions! Speaking of PT, I had my complimentary "taster" with Francie and a few months later I am still training with her twice a week. Centennial Health Club and their trainers have completely transformed me into a gym addict! I am there as often as possible and what's more, I actually WANT to be there! I highly recommend Centennial - you will really enjoy the positive atmosphere, the variety of equipment and classes and the enthusiasm of the trainers!
  • I got a great feeling as soon as I walked through the door at Centennial. Such a good vibe with a really friendly team of people. The classes are very different from anything I have ever done before. I am finally seeing great results with my fitness. I feel more motivated than I ever have to do a workout!
  • This place is incredible, I don't usually leave reviews but I feel it deserves one, the staff are amazing and the classes are so addictive!
    A really beautiful place to train
  • The Centennial Health Club is a fantastic gym, with friendly staff and a great range to suit everyone.

    There are plenty of classes and equipment for whatever it is you are looking to achieve. Highly recommended!
  • Having used Fitness First in the past I was nervous about joining a new gym, but Centennial Health Club is great! The team are super helpful and the trainers really know their stuff. Could not be happier!
  • Fantastic gym, would recommend to anyone!!!
    I've tried a lot of gyms, and generally after the novelty of a new environment wore off, I found my motivation lacking... This is the first gym that I consistently WANTED to get up in the morning for- really interesting classes and amazing people. The trainers are more about inspiration and encouragement rather than aggressive shouting, and the members are friendly and supportive.

    I have definitely improved my fitness and overall health over the last 8 months or so- thank you Centennial Health Club!
  • My girl friend joined this gym and keep going on about it and finally I relented and tried it out. Impressed I am. I 've been members of many gyms and this one is right up there. Friendly, knowledgeable, equipment is out of this world and classes even I would do. Goes without saying I am a member.
  • I smashed my city to surf time thanks to centennial!! All thanks to the crossfit classes and new equipment; I have a renewed excitement for working out. Would recommend to anyone bored of normal gyms and classes
  • Expensive for what it is. All but one barbell is bent, only one toilet door locks. All the numbering has worn off the dumbbells. Latest brochure is indicative they're not trying to target anyone serious about fitness, only New Years Resolutioners. Majority of the gym is filled with fad equipment like kettle bells and moon boots. No "re-rack your weights" policy is enforced, so you will spend most of your workout picking up after people. Music is terrible. A seriously average experience for anyone passionate about their fitness.
    • Dear Moosey123 we are sorry you didn't enjoy your experience at Centennial Health Club. This saddens us to read, as you can read below we have had raving review from many of our members as we challenge ourselves to provide a refreshing change from the boring, uninspiring gyms currently populating the Sydney market. I am sorry you consider Kettle Bells Kangoo, Crossfit, Rock Climbing, Yoga, Pilates, boxing, battle ropes as being 'fad equipment'. These sorts of equipment are used by many of our members who include; athletes, fitness enthusiasts, celebrities and everyday people wanting to get into shape and feel healthy.
      We also provide small group personal training classes as part of your membership that uses these tools to ensure your get the most out of our equipment and help realise your fitness goals. Your goals and happiness are our top priority and we'd love the opportunity to hopefully change your mind. Thank you from the Centennial Team.
  • I happened to walk past the gym after the Farmers Markets on Saturday and was immediately impressed by the open space and the general feeling of the club.

    I have been going now for 3 months throughout my pregnancy and feel luckly to have found a gym that has been supportive and friendly. They now have a FREE Creche and with the free 2 hour parking, I can continue after my baby is born :-)
  • Amazing club!!! such good classes their just like getting a free personal training session everyday free with your membership!!!! Love it!!
  • A really friendly gym! All of the staff make you feel so welcome as soon as you step in the door and the gym has a great airy, bright and female-friendly atmosphere. I've even tried the weight machines! Something I never did in my last gym.

    The classes are exciting and very different from the usual ones you find in gyms. I love kangoo and trx! The trainers are so helpful and are always willing to give you extra tips on the right exercises to do.
    It's a place I would easily recommended to friends.
  • I moved here from the States a couple months back and walked into Centennial after work one day...was very impressed with the friendly front desk people and brand new equipment. The group classes are the best that I have ever been to. The energy is very motivating and the instructors are great. I also love how you see familiar faces everyday and get to know people. Feels not only like a gym but a healthy lifestyle social club!
  • Awesome gym!
    Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
    What is really great is their cool classes like; Urban Fitness and Hanging Tough (basically you use your body weight on a Frame which is like an outdoor jungle gym.... Kettlebells (which I love and the trainers actually know how to use those tools)... and many more (my wife loves Bikini Bootcamp).What can I say?
    Finally something different to Les Mills and Spinning classes... Highly recommended if you are bored with the usual gym space.
  • Signed up yesterday. Great new gym. Fantastic space. Really nice and knowledgeable staff. Feels like EQ (the old Fox Studios) is really changing. Also a couple of great new cafes nearby for post-workout recovery!

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