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Reviews of Chadstone Toyota

  • Very satisfied with the service provided.
    They made it a pleasure to have my car serviced. As I live not far away from the workshop I made use of their courtesy bus and found the driver to be very friendly. The vehicle was handed back to me washed and vacuumed. I always recommend them to my family and friend
  • Today I happen to give my new mini bus for the first month complimentary service, the bus came back from service with dented door, scratches on the rear trail light corners and the best part the invoice said vacuumed and washed, unfortunately the bus not vacuumed till the time I pointed out to the service officer and the washing was incomplete. Informed the management, told they will call me tomorrow.
    Looking at all the problems, I feel someone handled my bus recklessly and purposely. It was NOT a MISTAKE or an ACCIDENT!!!! I have shown and to the management. I will wait till tomorrow and then decide on further steps. The biggest mistake I did was taking it there. I will NEVER ever leave my bus and walk away again !!!!!
    I assumed that they would do a job as authorized by TOYOTA. They proved that they are worst than the local workshops!!!
    • They have apologised and agreed to repair and repaint the part. I would take for repair one of these days.
  • Very Poor Servicing, 2 times taken care to them. 1st time for the major servicing 90k they did normal. and changed the wind screen wipers to new for extra cost, which does not fit properly,work properly, gives vibration sound when they turn on. 2nd time servicing, they noticed some vibration in alternator, saying it could be a bolt or threads of the bolt, which they did not do anything about it. and asked me to do re-book service to have a look again. what is the point of giving it to the company service when they cant do anything about it. Really disappointing.
  • Bought a used car from this dealer. Although we had only had the car for three months, took it in for a service before a big trip.

    The mechanic (my regular and trusted mechanic) found that the coolant was almost 100 per cent water and should have been changed at least six months prior. The 'full service', conducted by Chadstone Touota when we bought the car, failed to pick this up or to tune the transmission. Absolutely useless!
  • Poor servicing, went in for complimentary checkup on new car which included a wash and vacuum; their receipt said they gave it a wash and vacuum. Problem is all they did was hose the car down and did not do any vacuum. Not my main problem.
    Went in 4 times to get a GPS issue fixed with the satellite. Staff was rude, problem is, they have a poor understanding of their own product; thinking one of the speed warning features on the GPS was aftermarket and thinking changing the wallpaper on the unit an aftermarket. Sadly for them, they were both features of the unit.
    First time they did not see any issue with the GPS though it stopped working the moment i left.
    Second time they had the car for the day. They reset the unit and saw the GPS connection work even though i specifically told them it was an on and off issue. When i finally come pick up the car they notice it not work as i had told them; so made me wait 45 minutes despite having the car for more than 7 hours.
    Third and fourth time were similar; They then refused to replace the unit as though it came on all their cars branded as toyota, was made my fujitsu 10. They continuously stated because it was a fujitsu unit, they cannot issue warranty replacements.
    I refuse to bring my car in again as they have no fix or any idea how to fix this issue; despite the amount of information released online on how to perform the fix by other car manufacturers.
    I asked for the servicing person over the phone to check with fujitsu what they could do with the unit and if it can be replaced. After calling me back on what fujitsu had to say i was told i would be called back soon after. I have yet to receive this call and it has been about a month.
  • Very, very poor. Half a star is too much. Purchased a used sedan - 20k km, 2010 model. Less than a week after purchase noticed "quirks".... These quickly turned into problems. After talking with the dealer service centre and multiple "services" was advised there is nothing they can do to fix the problem. I admit I did not get a car history report done before purchase. Now I am left with a $20000 debt, a car that I cant sell and goes through tyres every 6mths (due to permenant alignment problem).
    On top of that, the service centre do not return calls.
    I would never purchase a car from this dealership again or use their so called service centre.
    Very disappointed.
  • Bad service quality! Took my Toyota Corolla for a service in Jan 2013, had to wait 20 minutes to get my car checked in. Was promised the car will be ready at 4:00 pm, came at 4:30 pm and waited for another 30 mins. Cleaning of the car was highly poor. Exterior wasn't cleaned properly, interior only the car floor was cleaned any nothing else.

    This dealership is just too busy and understaffed and hence the quality of their service is jeopardised. I gave them feedback on their service and they informed me there is three guys contracted to clean 77 cars on average a day and cleaning dash, seats and boot is not part of their cleaning. They recorded my suggestions but never offered any compensation for my goodwill and time.

    Convenient location yes but service quality not really! My review may be a little harsh but I expect a bit more effort/service especially when I am paying $100 more compared to an independent service centre.

  • I bought my car from Chadstone Toyota and generally, after the first service, I will look for a more convenient dealer to get the service done. They did such a good job on the first service I have been going back every time. I always find them to be highly professional, courteous and extremely helpful.
    It is always easy to have my car serviced and I am always delighted with the work done. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for any dealer service work.

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