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  • pissed off footy fan Newbie   1 review
    7 you need to sort your s*** out when a footy game is sold out it should be live on the television stop screwing over your viewers with a broadcast that starts almost an hour and a half later than the actual game. No one cares about Marry my boy it is a disgraceful show. Also if you have to show it delayed then don't give as bigger half time add breaks no one wants to watch a footy game delayed with as many adds as when it is played live. You guys have a monoply on the free to air footy. In summary if the game is sold out eg the crows sydney game today, dont delay telecast! Give it to the viewer live you would get better ratings and a better image.

    1 week ago - 05/04/2014

  • Persistant Newbie   1 review
    Why is it that as soon as the Footy season starts, all the programs have to be either cancelled or put on so late the we can not watch. I noticed that Castle (a repeat) is on at a reasonable time, and yet Downton Abbey and MKR is not on at all. Not everyone likes watching Footy, why can you not put that on one of the other 7 channels ie 73 or 74, and leave the usual programs on at the normal times, or cancel the repeats which I am sure viewers would not complain about. I am sick and tired of the constant changing of programs, some of the elderly people look forward to there regular shows, that is all they have.

    1 month ago - 16/03/2014

  • cheryl61 Newbie   1 review
    I have noticed recently while watching Channel 7 news especially the sport section, that there seems to be a lot of attention focused on Port Power in interviews, there are two AFL teams in this state.

    1 month ago - 13/03/2014

  • LynCB Newbie   1 review
    What's happening with the current seasons of "Bones" and "Castle"? We haven't seen a current episode of either show since well before Christmas and I want to knowWHY???? My two favourite shows at the moment and we can't get either, WHY???? PLEASE PUT THEM BACK ON AIR!!!!!!

    2 months ago - 05/02/2014

  • 7 viewer Newbie   1 review
    What's happening with sevens broadcast? During the day lots of pixilation and signal drop out, sometimes also at night. There is nothing wrong with our antenna wiring etc and all other channels work ok, there are other people in the area and towns with the same problem.

    3 months ago - 22/12/2013

    • Persistant Newbie 
      I too am having the same problem, like you I had the antenna and electrical checked all o.k., they said in my case because I live outside the metropolitan area, and there are a lot of hills around that is causing the problem, yet other channels are fine, it seems mainly 7 and 9 or the ones that get effected, isn't it about this problem is sorted out, instead of making excuses, we were told that once digital came in the problem would go, well, hello, it is still there.

      1 month ago - 16/03/2014

  • WendyVD   17 reviews
    Prefer ch 7 to other commercial channels BUT....why advertise shows in tv guides etc that don't screen? Both Heartbeat and The Indian Doctor were in the Sunday Mail tv guide to screen last sat and also next sat, so the channel has plenty of time to correct or to give correct details. I note that the Indian Doctor is advertised as screening on Thursday!!! What is SO difficult!?

    7 months ago - 26/08/2013

  • Francesca12 Newbie   1 review
    What's happened to the Dr Oz show? Mysteriously disappeared. Grrrrrr

    7 months ago - 23/08/2013

  • Rob McCly Newbie   1 review
    I Would be grateful if in your evening 6pm news when you get to comparison of the Aus$$$, you left the screen on for more than one second. All you do is mention the Greenback, & screen flicks off.
    I don't get a chance to compare with the Euro, British Pounds etc.
    As a frequent traveller to other parts of the globe other than the USA, it would be helpful to get the time to read the screen

    8 months ago - 14/08/2013

  • AFL Footy Fan Newbie   1 review
    YOU MUST BE JOKING !!!!!, the broadcast game on Saturday afternoon is the 2 bottom teams GWS and Melb. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!! Why not show a game worth watching like Hawks and Tigers

    8 months ago - 02/08/2013

  • boofboy Newbie   1 review
    Why is it when our local AFL games conclude we never get to see the players sing the club song, happened again yesterday 21/ over a little bit of on field banter, then straight to SA life.

    8 months ago - 22/07/2013

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