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Reviews of Chat Thai

  • I'd rate this as one of the best Thai restaurants in Sydney. If you are happy to wait for a short while to get a seat, the food is consistently excellent, service is friendly, atmosphere/decor is nice, and prices are cheap-to-moderate. Definitely highly recommended.
  • The place gets quite busy, but waiting time was kept minimal and acceptable. The staffs are very courteous and provided high quality service.

    Love the fresh juices and fresh spring rolls.
  • authentic thai, great atmosphere. love it!
  • Easternian Local Star 1,000 reviews
    It had been a while since I last visited the original Chat Thai at Campbell St as it was usually very busy every time we tried to eat there. So one day when I decided to have an early weekday lunch at 12pm, I came to this place and got myself a table in an instant, even though the place was already 90% occupied.

    To satisfy my cravings, I ordered their fried rice noodle with chicken. The serving size was good, the food tasted delicious although it was a little bit oily to my liking and it was strongly flavoured with the pepper.

    The food arrived quite quickly, which was quite surprising given the number of crowds in the restaurant. The staffs were very polite, attentive and helpful and that too was quite surprising since we dont usually see this kind of service when we visited them during night times.
  • Amazing Thai food, I dare say better than Thai food in Thailand. Sometimes there a wait, but well worth the wait.
  • Sisca Lawrence Local Star 33 reviews
    The queue can be quite annoying especially when you don't know how long you have to wait. Last time we visited this place for dinner we waited for an hour before we finally gave up and went to the Thai restaurant next door. We came back later in the night when the queue had subsided and had some desserts. The sticky rice and mango is always a must in our order and the coconut milk pandan dumplings drink never ceases to satisfy.
  • jojostuff Local Star 358 reviews
    Still good after all these years, but the same dishes seem to differ each time I come back. On my last two visits within the space of four months, the emerald duck dish seemed to lose a lot of duck.

    Would like to come again for dinner or supper as some of the desserts are only available in the evening.
  • On my first introduction to Chat Thai, the food was so good, we had it breakfast, lunch and dinner. For three days straight. Yes, please do yourself a favour and eat here!
  • I went for the first time the other week and Oh My Gosh. I was so over stimulated. The food was delicious the service was pretty good and who minds waiting when you are with friends?? A great night out when you have dinner at Chat Thai.
  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    We lined up for 45 minutes and the food made it totally worth it. For lunch the hannan chicken (Thai style) is a bargain @ $10.
    And for dinner, make sure you have the massaman beef, pork belly with 5 spices and the duck with green vegetables.

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