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Reviews of Chat Thai

  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    I had some of my extended family coming from overseas for the weekend and I wanted them to try out the famous Chat Thai desserts. Chat Thai at Campbell St has always been known for its most comprehensive Thai desserts selection. We were in a large group and waited for around 20 minutes before we finally got a table, which is a very reasonable wait for this ever popular place.

    We ordered almost $75 worth of desserts which I believe was quite a lot. There were some desserts that were not available even though some of them were pretty much the popular ones. We only had around 15 minutes of dining time before they started rushing us to pay. One of us paid whilst the others were still trying to finish the desserts. However, the staff who gave us the table stood right next to us, implicitly asking us to leave the table immediately.

    Seeing that there were still a lot of desserts to be had, I asked her for a takeaway container. She then said fifty dollar. I thought she said it wrong, so I repeated her words. She replied Yes. Fifty Dollar, with a very uncooperative face. She then pulled one of the desserts closer to me so I could finish it quicker.

    Now, I wouldn't mind if they tell us in the beginning if we need to leave quickly or if there are any minimum spend per person, but it was just plain unprofessional and very uncalled for to be sarcastic to customers. They did say thank you and everything else at the end but the damage has been done.
  • xbabydollx Local Star 1,113 reviews
    I was told by a friend that this is one of the go-to places near the area to have Thai food, so my friends and I decided to check it out on our little Sydney adventure recently. As they did not do bookings, we came down and placed our names on a booking sheet out front waiting for our number to be called. We waited 50-minutes outside for the next table of 5 to come free. Was it worth the wait? Yes and No. The food was good, the mains we ordered were tasty and flavorsome, but being a fast-paced busy restaurant, to enjoy ourselves at the restaurant and chill-out and chat was unable. The feeling was that they wanted us in - eat - then wanted us out for the next waiting group to come in. They tried to clear our plates when we all hadn't finished eating yet, and asked if we were ordering desserts during that time as well. When we said no, soon after they gave us the bill already which intentionally meant to us, alright you've eaten, please pay. I would like to come again as it is nearby my friends apartment and there are other dishes on the menu that I would like to try as well as dessert, but maybe I'll try come first thing in the morning when they open and hopefully it's not as busy (who knows?!). All in all, glad I tried it, and we shall see when I come back.
  • looknow Local Star 757 reviews
    I was in Sydney a few days ago, while in the taxi I had asked the driver to take me to one of the most authentic Thai restaurant in city to pick up some takeaway. He suggested Chat Thai Thaitown, which hes eaten before at a different location as there are a few around. Upon arriving, the queue was almost 3 shops down, and it was only a Tuesday. The place was completely filled; the menu was extensive uncertain where to begin. I ended up choosing the fried fish cake, spicy charred grilled pork salad, king prawns tom yum soup, stir fried crispy pork belly with red curry paste. All for just under $70. Approximately 15minutes wait, but well worth it, has to be by far one of the nicest Thai restaurant Ive eaten at and close to the authentic deal that I would expect to find in Thailand. Double thumbs up and highly recommended.
  • I'd rate this as one of the best Thai restaurants in Sydney. If you are happy to wait for a short while to get a seat, the food is consistently excellent, service is friendly, atmosphere/decor is nice, and prices are cheap-to-moderate. Definitely highly recommended.
  • The place gets quite busy, but waiting time was kept minimal and acceptable. The staffs are very courteous and provided high quality service.

    Love the fresh juices and fresh spring rolls.
  • authentic thai, great atmosphere. love it!
  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    It had been a while since I last visited the original Chat Thai at Campbell St as it was usually very busy every time we tried to eat there. So one day when I decided to have an early weekday lunch at 12pm, I came to this place and got myself a table in an instant, even though the place was already 90% occupied.

    To satisfy my cravings, I ordered their fried rice noodle with chicken. The serving size was good, the food tasted delicious although it was a little bit oily to my liking and it was strongly flavoured with the pepper.

    The food arrived quite quickly, which was quite surprising given the number of crowds in the restaurant. The staffs were very polite, attentive and helpful and that too was quite surprising since we dont usually see this kind of service when we visited them during night times.
  • Amazing Thai food, I dare say better than Thai food in Thailand. Sometimes there a wait, but well worth the wait.
  • Sisca Lawrence Local Star 33 reviews
    The queue can be quite annoying especially when you don't know how long you have to wait. Last time we visited this place for dinner we waited for an hour before we finally gave up and went to the Thai restaurant next door. We came back later in the night when the queue had subsided and had some desserts. The sticky rice and mango is always a must in our order and the coconut milk pandan dumplings drink never ceases to satisfy.
  • jojostuff Local Star 403 reviews
    Still good after all these years, but the same dishes seem to differ each time I come back. On my last two visits within the space of four months, the emerald duck dish seemed to lose a lot of duck.

    Would like to come again for dinner or supper as some of the desserts are only available in the evening.
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