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Chelsea Heights Medical Centre

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Chelsea Heights, VIC
Open today - 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
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Caring doctors and staff providing bulk billing extended hours service to the community

Family medical practitioners; bulk billing; extended hours; skin cancer management and treatment; on site pathology collection; psychology services
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Reviews of Chelsea Heights Medical Centre

  • What a fantastic medical center! It was recommend to me by the Frankston ED because there was a 4 hour wait at hospital. We arrived at the clinic and were seen within 20 minutes, which is incredible as we did not have an appointment.The Nurse was so lovely and reassuring. she made sure we all new the situation, what could happen and how things were likely to be done, all whilst entertaining my 2 yo girl with bubbles and chickens made with examination gloves( very clever) Calmed the situation down for my family as my 4yo son had a very bad cut his eye. The Gp was very gentle and calming also and did a fantastic job of putting my little man back together. Highly recommend this clinic. Thanks CHMC.
  • Fantastic drs and great staff. Nice modern clinic
  • Great clinic, drs are very caring and staff great to deal with! Open late on weekends a bonus, would highly recommended
  • Couldn't be happier, finally I have found a medical clinic that is great. Each time I have attended this clinic I have always been greeted by the always smiling and helpful receptionists, usually don't wait any longer than 15min to see a gp unless an emergency has come in- did happen once...but staff informed me and of course emergencies come first. Ive also had dressings done with the nurses who were just great. Cant say ive ever seen such lovely caring doctors. Extra bonus this clinic is open very late and weekends.
  • I have been to this surgery 4 times now as my doctor at another practice retired and I can never get an appointment there any more even though I've been a patient for over 20 years. I have found the doctors to be caring thorough and never rushing you out the door I always book and wait only a short amount of time. If there was an emergency before me I would respect the fact that that would be their priority. I have visited a lot of doctors over the years and so far I've been very happy with this medical centre. The wait time is by far not the longest in the area. Hopefully I will continue be happy with their level of care and service.
  • I have just left this medical centre after waiting all day for my 2.20 pm appointment (which was booked at 9.00 am) for my son who is unwell with a high temperature and an extremely sore throat. Upon arrival I was told there had been an emergency and patients with appointments had to wait for five patients
    before them. I looked at the board and noticed only two doctors were on duty however four were out. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! As I had a funeral to attend at 3.30 I had no choice but to leave and make an appointment for my son elsewhere. I was not given the courtesy of a telephone call at the time the emergency occurred to make alternate arrangements.
    • Great advice! Thanks very helpful review! I'll stay clear!
    • If I was their medical emergency I would be thankful they attended me rather than the people in the waiting room with appointments. You know you have to sometimes wait at the doctors so maybe you should have booked an earlier time if you had such an important event about an hour later. I have waited well over an hour at a nearby surgery for my appointment and there was no emergency and no apology.
  • Doctor did swabs on my whole family and then told us it would take a week to get results. Within a few days we were well and therefore even if results were positive when they came in it would have been irrelevant as we were all quite well by this stage. I rang the clinic to get result over the phone for interests sake, but they refused so I left it at that. 2 weeks later I receive a phone call from them saying that the doctor has to see me to discuss my results, but if the kids feel ok, then they don't need to see them. Doesn't make much sense when I've been well for over a week, but I give them the benefit of the doubt and agree to an appointment. Then I get home that night to a pathology invoice!
  • Very impressed. I was seen by a doctor in less than 10 minutes and I received a thorough examination. The dr who reviewed me was kind and caring. Would recommend this medical centre.

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