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Reviews of Chemist Warehouse

  • The healers Local Star 463 reviews
    We don't usually go to chemists but when we do, this seems to be our local.The staff are always friendly and professional. If we have had any questions, they have been answered to our satisfaction.There is a large selection of stock including gift lines.
    The store is always clean and tidy and there is plenty of parking.
  • SocialQ Local Star 196 reviews
    After my disappointing customer service experience at the Bald Hills Chemist Warehouse, I decided to try the Lawnton shop. This shop is not as well presented, but admittedly it is a much smaller store. They still stock what I needed to purchase so all good.
    Happy to report the cashier customer service is better at Lawnton. The cashier at least spoke to me and smiled. This Chemist Warehouse is located in a busy little shopping complex, parking is ample, but busier. All up pretty good!!
  • I do not recommend purchasing any electrical products from these people.

    Purchased item did not work returned item 2 days later as it did not turn on at all. Only to be refused refund or exchange and given number to phone manufacture.

    Poor customer service, manager refused to discuss or attempt to assist. Disgrace on the owner!!! No customer service skills!!!!!!!
    • Can you explain a few details for me?
      had the product been opened?
      any damage to the packaging?
      Also bare in mind that alot of the electrical products you buy from chemists come with a gaurentee. that gaurentee is with the manufacturer not the chemist. This is because a pharmacy assistant is qualified to give assistant with the use of the product but doesn't have training in electrical engineering so it has to be decided by the manufacturer not the pharmacy. do you even realise how the retail environment works? this is the way it's done and for good reason.
    • @Jordan36Hamp - All I can say is that this is a very rude and condescending response. But as you can't spell Guarantee or Assistance. You may have to look up the meaning of Condescending. See, being spoken down to doesn't sit well does it?
      Let's do a little example, You buy a new iPhone 5, take it home and it doesn't work, you go back to the phone shop and they tell you, Sorry we are not Electrical Engineers, but you have a "Gaurentee" from the manufacturer, so send it to Apple in the USA and wait for a replacement. Now that you are in the customer's position would you be happy with the handling of the issue or do you just want what you paid for ....a phone that works.
      Your customer just wanted what he/she paid for a working product. This electrical item was D.O.A (dead on arrival) and your company would have a credit policy with the manufacturer for that scenario. It would be different if the product was several months old - that is when the manufacturer's "Gaurentee" would be used.
    • After working in retail and dealing with electrical products being sold to the consumer for over 10 years and also being in a management position I am more than confident in how the "retail enviroment" works. Thank you for asking.

      I was not asking for a unreasonable request given the product sell was $19 and only in possession for 48hrs. The request was made for either an exchange or refund. Store manager refused and pushed a piece of paper with the contact details of the manufacturer and suggested I phoned them.

      Shame on the person who believes this is customer service at it's best. Not only has it resulted in a formal complaint but word of mouth is a powerful tool and the discuss people share when hearing the story tells me that it all comes down to the store manager needing an attitude check.

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