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Reviews of Chemist Warehouse

  • I don't have Medicare, so all cost of medication is private pay. The medication here was less than half the cost at another pharmacy down the street. Unbelievable! And the pharmacist here is much better in terms of customer service and knowledge. I would highly recommend.
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    I would NEVER shop at this chemist again. I was their regular customer for four years and one day they would not dispense my controlled medication when they were doing so for years. Because I was their loyal customer and other chemists did not know me I could not get it anywhere else. Loyalty appears to be my mistake. I was bedridden at the time and it caused immense hardship for me. I sent my friend around the area when shops were closing for the weekend. I could not get my medication last minute like that when other chemists did not know who I was. I found the pharmacist used inappropriate use of power because the pharmacist has seen me for 4 years and knew I have been prescribed the same medication by the same doctor for years. It is ridiculous. I wrote a complaint and I had no response! They changed to Chemist warehouse but all people I know who shop there has complained about the service.

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