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Reviews of China King Restaurant

  • Not authentic experience. This is a Chinese restaurant. It should have Chinese people serving you. On top of that, they took a long time to serve us and the wait staffs kept on forgetting about things we needed like spoons and chopsticks. The food was alright but I believe you can get something with the same taste elsewhere with better service.
  • Absolutely disgusting! Waste of my $100+ spent here! Spring rolls were greasy n gross! Fried rice was yuck and sweet n sour was horrible, chikn chow mein tasted like c**p! Horrible all together! Staff were also rude! I waited 40 min takeaway for disgusting food not to mention the atmosphere there soo bland and dated decor!!!
  • Waited 50 mins for an order that was incorrect, then got told by the rude staff member that I must have ordered wrong. Then waited another 15 mins for food that was horrible. I spent $50 on terrible food and the worst customer service. Will not be buying from here again.
  • We waited over an hour for our meal, meanwhile they are serving all the people that come to get takeaway. Finally I had to find a wait staff (who never even look at you) to call the management to see where our meals were... Clearly they had completely forgotten about us..... After an hour our meal finally arrived, greasy and tasteless.... I went there in a good mood and came out boiling !! Not happy, would not recommend at all...!!! Very poor service and food....! You guys need to wake up and service people in the restaurant first, then people who come to get take away...
  • 27 March 2013 It was the worst food that I have had ,Chewy meat and bottled sauce for flavour,Slovenly service and dusty interior. I will not go back again, a waste of money.
  • Aug 2nd 2013. The worst chinese takeaway I've ever had. The meals were overloaded with chunks of onion and capsicum and little meat. The large fried rice was oily and tasteless, oh it did have a whole 3 prawns in it!!! An absolute waste of just over $40. Never again!
  • Beautiful food, friendly staff, good prices, love this chinese it is the best.
  • Great staff, great food, incredibly large portion sizes, very reasonable prices.

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