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This is busy with China town locals, as you can be in, fed and out for under $8. Don't expect to hang around once you have put your chopsticks down. Standouts include excellent dumplings and handmade noodles




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Reviews of Chinese Noodle Restaurant

  • Easternian Local Star 1,121 reviews
    Dining at Chinese Noodle Restaurant is perhaps a lot more civilised during off-peak hours (late afternoon or early morning) as crowds from all corners of the city tend to take over this small, packed restaurant, reducing your experience to basic necessities (read: shared tables) and rushed meals (they would "politely" ask you to pay the bill whilst you're still eating).

    But don't let that cloud you from enjoying their beautifully handmade noodles and dumplings. Beyond the tacky dcor and unpretentious staffs with communication barrier, their food offering is perhaps the closest you can get to experiencing authentic Chinese noodles and dumplings as they were originally intended, albeit sans striking presentation.

    Try not to compare the food from this shop with those of modern Chinese food establishments. The noodles are quite thick and filling, and so do the dumpling "skins" -- yet they are still delicious in its own right, taste and texture wise.

    If you are pressed for time, then the soupy dumplings (xiao long bao) is probably one menu item to be avoided as this particular dishes takes longer to make (I have confirmed this both during peak and off-peak hours). But if you dont mind the slight wait, I highly recommend this dish: much-larger-than-usual dumplings that are probably one of their signature dishes that only delicate expertise can make.
  • This place is always full and busy when I visit, but it's totally worth it. The food there is amazing and very very cheap. You can eat as much as you like just for a pocket change and not get hungry for the whole day. Service is always great. No matter how busy it is the staff attend to each customer frequently and never leave you waiting for your food.
  • Very nice and cheap Chinese restaurant. The noodles are just perfectly cooked and very very deliicous. This a place where you go, eat and then leave. Don't expect to hang out there after you've finished your meal. Never the less the service is very good. Dishes are prepared quickly and served right away. The staff are all very polite and friendly. Recommended!
  • You should go this this noodle restaurant because the food is great. The price isn't bad either;)
  • Penny C Foodie 57 reviews
    It's no wonder this place is busy most of the time. They make some of the best noodles and dumplings in Chinatown, and it's really cheap too. You can watch them making the noodles by hand right there in the kitchen, and there's absolutely no question of their freshness once you taste them. But it's actually mostly the dumplings that I come here for, because they're downright amazing. You can get a dozen or so for less than $10 and it's BYO so is always a great, cheap night. The braised eggplant is incredible too, and there's plenty for the vegos. But it's not the kind of place you can settle in and make a night of it unfortunately, as the line is often long and they like to get people in and out pretty quick. So it's not a dinner-with-friends-and-a-few-bottles-of-wine kind of place, but worth going for a great quick, cheap meal.
  • Jack_Ryde Foodie 65 reviews
    The noodles are handmade and are really authentic Chinese northern dishes. I love the noodles with stirred fried chilly beef. When I used to study in UTS, I always came here for lunch. So near to UTA main library. Worth a try if you like handmade noodles when you feel tired of instant noodles from supermarket.
  • Chux D Foodie 136 reviews
    This small, out of the way restaurant serves some of the best dumplings in Sydney. Often you have to wait for a table and the service is very much of an in/out style but the food is worth it and reasonably cheap.

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