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Reviews of Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital

  • Wow! I can't believe what I'm reading .. I've been going to this hospital for years & have never had a negative experience. Good service & good value. The vets get straight to the point & a visit doesn't cost a fortune. The ladies at reception are lovely & very helpful.
    I can't understand why it's getting such a bad rap on here.
  • Took my unwell dog to see this vet as we were new to the area and he had a go at me as I was one month behind in vacs. Gave him a needle and said "don't thank me all at once". Went back to my vet at Panania (which I can't speak higher of) and dog had lymphoma. Yes she had to run tests to find this out but vet was just a self assured so and so... Vets need a bedside manor also as they are dealing with much loved family members!
  • This vet desexed my dog. A few months later she went into heat. When I went to another vet they discovered that all of her sexual organs were intact.
    • Davey, I have never gone back. I recommend other vets.
    • I booked my kitten in for desexing and was quoted $210 and the staff member told me that if she was pregnant it would be a further $45. I got them to verify this price for me with their management which was also the vet. They agreed and I booked my kitten in for the following Thursday. What was to follow will traumatise me for months. On the day I dropped off my kitten and around 1pm I rang the vet to enquire about my kitten. The practice manager is the RUDEST person I have ever encountered in my life. They spoke down to me and told me that regardless that I had been quoted (3) times, $255 in total, that due to the kitten being pregnant it was going to be $350 now. I explained that I had already been quoted and they rudely told me that they don't care who told me the original price, what they say goes. I have never in my life been so disrespected and feel this business is in NO WAY there to help the community or their pets.
  • I can not understand people complaining about these vets and still taking thier loved ones to them. Because they lived close or were cheaper.
    I have used this Vet service for 13 years. Yes one vet is a bit offhand but that doesn't mean he doesn't care, he just doesn't hand out tissues. I have never had problems with either vets there getting information or follow up care when needed. Both vets are prepared to talk and answer questions maybe sometimes we just don't like the answers
  • Nurse was very nice and the vet very good, although a tad authoritive (is boss of everything in his practice.)
  • the nurse is nice, however the vet is a horrible, I dropped my cat off there as she was sick and we had no idea what was wrong with her, told me they would call me when they did anything to tell me what they were doing, almost a week later they had not had any contact with me except for when i called them and their response was always 'the vet isn't here so i dont know i cant tell you, he'll call back when he gets there'. i got there and apparently they had done all these tests, $1200 later they had no idea what was wrong and the cat that was always so quiet and trained was now scatching and hissing and ran away as soon as she was let away from him. the vet replied to that as 'too bad, so sad'. Never ever, will i go there again nor reccomend it to anyone else. This was horrible service. I really hope someone from that place reads all this negativity and does something about this, i have no idea how he's in business. I'd been there previously and he has absolutely no compassion for animals, i don't understand why he's a vet i think he needs a new career path.
  • Took my two poms for desexing procedure recently. Nurses are nice enough but the vet was extremely rude and couldnt be bothered with my concerns. I returned with one of my dogs as he was shaking, whimpering and obviously in a bit of pain; his wound was bleeding and needed attention. They suggested that i shouldnt have done the op! and, said he looked fine! In fact, they sold me a bottle of something for $20 and said to just spray it on! No care or consideration for my pets discomfort was taken into account after Id paid the bill. I wont be going there again.
  • The staff was very polite, but the vet seemed rather rough around the edges and was not particularly gentle when examining our kitten.
    He seemed much more at home treating larger dogs.
  • excelent price . vet thats there on a monday is the best there cheap as ive had the same op done before and it cost 800 here it only cost 150 . the best ..
  • mi mi is correct, this vet gives medication just to see if it will work. I got my kitten there 18 months ago. It has come into heat twice now which is unusual as it was spayed at this clinic when I picked her up. The vet dismissed me when I questioned whether any of the hormonal tissue could of been left there by accident and he got very aggressive and defensive! Said it was hormonal and I should buy tablets to see if this will "fix the problem"! I was told that the only other option is to "cut her open and see what we find". Will never take any of my animals back there again and suggest that anyone looking for a vet without attitude should look elsewhere.
    • I agree with Squeak21, I had similar problems, my cat was put through 2-3 blood tests and other tests, all coming back inconclusive, which added up to around $800 later and still no diagnosis. I purchased some advocate (I had a feeling) 2 days after I put the treatment on my cat she showed signs of improvement, it only cost me $45....to treat my cat, and I diagnosed her myself!! Cheap prices on some things, but now we know why!! I also asked them about my dog, if I should get her vaccinated, they asked how old she was and said because she was over 5 that it didn't matter!!!! Never going back to them again!! and NEVER going to recommend them. 5 months later, and were still waiting on a phone call from them to tell us what is wrong with our cat!!!
    • Have you had any more problems since? Please see my review
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