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With over 35 years experience, a fleet of more than 20 fully equipped vehicles and honest upfront pricing (we give you the total cost of the job before we start), Chiswick Plumbing offers fast, exceptional service including:

 - Plumbing
 - Drainage
 - Gasfitting
 - Water heaters
 - Burst pipes
 - Excavations
 - Drain jet blasting
 - Electric eel
 - Taps & toilets

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  • KarenDw Newbie   1 review
    We received great service from Chiswick Plumbing. Your serviceman was very efficient, explained clearly everything he was going to do, and the pricing. and we were very happy with the job, he was very thorough, polite and friendly, and completed all the jobs there and then, no waiting. We were just very impressed and pleased.
  • CustomerG Newbie   1 review
    Excessively overpriced - look at all the reviews! I had a similar experience to many others - after a $280 after/hours call out fee I felt I was held to ransom with a ~$700 total quote for what was a simple, straight forward job. When I challenged their quote I was told they didn't charge by time they charge according to "The Book". I was also told if I wouldn't accept their quote I would still be charged the $280 call out fee. In the end I went with another plumber who charged less than 50% of Chiswick's quote (incl a/h call out) and completed the repair in 15 mins.
  • olfalla Newbie   1 review
    I used Chiswick Plumbing for the first time today and was very impressed with the attitude and work ethic of the young plumber sent to fix our blocked drain. The $376 fee was well worth it and i would not hesitate to call them again.
  • seabrook Newbie   1 review
    I have used Chiswick Plumbing twice, once for a leaking tap in the kitchen and then to replace all the taps in 2 bathrooms. Their office staff was friendly and ensured someone was available quickly. Their Plumber was friendly, efficient and thorough. I would not have any hesitate to use them again.

  • Grant Calvin Newbie   1 review
    $50 discount of job cost to attract customers, A ridicules quote of $500 for one leaking tap, And charging $70 for giving this 5 minute quote ($50 discount don't apply on giving quotes). Never using this business again, will let the whole neighborhood, families and friends know. NOT HAPPY While another plumbing service gave a us free quote, Quoted for this job only $120 and said the plumber wants to charge you $500 for this job must be kidding with themselves.
    • Grant Calvin Newbie 
      Chiswick Plumbing have refunded call out fee,
      it shows there are still business cares whats customers thinks.


  • MrsRobynB Newbie   1 review
    My water heater died on Friday. I phoned the manufacturer to get it replaced, They would not come till Monday. My family could not wait so I phoned Chiswick Plumbing. They arrived an hour later and replaced the heater. We had hot water about an hour after they left. They took the old heater away with them. The manufacturer was going to leave it in my front yard for up to 10 days. Chiswicks price was only $10 more than the manufacturer was charging. A small premium for such efficient service. Thanks Chiswick.
  • Sarah Janes   5 reviews
    The work was good quality but the price...... Look at the rest of the reviews, way overpriced for a local plumber.
    • Chiswick Newbie 
      Thank you for confirming the quality of our Company.

      Chiswick Plumbing is a Company that provides fast, efficient & professional service. We come with insurances and guarantees on our work. Our vehicles are clean and fully stocked. We advise the cost of our work up front giving our clients the option of declining before we start. We never claim to be the cheapest plumber in town.

      With any business you can only give 2 out of 3 to your customers :


  • carhaart Newbie   1 review
    They were quick to respond to my phone call and arrived on time. However, they charged $400 to change a washer on my tap and were going in 15 minutes. I will never use them again.
  • double8 Newbie   1 review
    This is the note I wrote to the company....
    I wanted to let you know about the very positive experience I had with your company yesterday.
    You were able to have a plumber at my home within an hour and a half of my request, the plumber (Peter) rang before arrival as a courtesy to let me know he was on his way, he completed a quote in a few minutes and then completed the entire job in under two hours.
    Peter cleaned up after himself and could not have been more co-operative.
    On the same day I found myself on the "Telstra merry-go-round" and the contrast between the two companies was astounding.
    Whatever you are doing from a training perspective is achieving outstanding results in my view and I will recommend you to my friends and neighbours.
    Peter, when asked, gave a glowing reference for your company and came across as a committed and valuable employee.
    Your telephone staff were also outstanding, very clear and knowledgable while being extremely helpful.
    All in all and extremely positive interaction from a customers perspective.
    Thank you.
  • haju   3 reviews
    The staff arrived in the 2 hour window. Staff was polite. They charged me $172 to change my shower head to a water saving one. I provided all the parts. It took an hour even with them answering a number of phone calls. I questioned the price. They said they had a book they looked up the prices in. If it hadn't have been for the $68 call out fee I wouldn't have gone ahead with the job. I don't think $172/hour is a fair wage. It was an easy job that should've taken half an hour.
    • Chiswick Newbie 
      In response to the issues raised I offer our side of the story.
      Our clients are informed at their initial phone call that a dispatch fee of $68 applies PLUS the cost of any accepted job quoted. They may decline at this point. Upon arrival our plumber presents a written UP-FRONT quote at which point the client may again decline.
      The vague description of a "shower head" replacement neglects to reveal that the existing shower ROSE was replaced by a SHOWER RAIL set up which has hidden associated risks that include drilling through an in-wall pipe during the process (which we are obligated to repair at our own expense).
      The two calls taken and made by the attending plumber have been proven to be job related and have no bearing in this case.
      Broken down it was $120 for the physical work, $12 GST and $39.95 for the 12 month maintenance agreement.
      The complainant also neglects to mention that our plumber also fixed a problem of no water to her basin tap, which he rectified FREE OF CHARGE


    • haju  
      It's true. My husband misunderstood the call out fee to be the cost of the job. That was his fault for not listening properly. We wouldn't have gone ahead had he heard correctly.

      My cold water wasn't working because I had forgotten I had turned off the tap under the sink when I went on holidays. The plumber turned the tap back on. I can't imagine anyone charging anything for that.

      The fact is they charged $172 for less than one hour's labour. I had to go ahead with the $39.95 maintenance agreement or they would've charged me $261.80 for less than an hour's labour. $172 is their discounted price - if you can believe that. They had the audacity to tell me it was cheap.

      You can make your own decision about them. Or better yet avoid them. Plenty of other plumbers will quote for free.



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