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Reviews of Christopher Hanna Hair

  • Very bad organisation and rude staff, not happy. I have a VIP $140 client offer where we had to pay $60 deposit and then pay the rest on arrival ($80). This included a hair and style consultation, hair treatment, head and scalp massage and a cut and blow dry. As you can imagine I was very excited for this as it is a really good offer from a highly recommended salon. However I didn't even make it to the appointment, why you ask? I had booked over a month in advance and even planned a night out with about 20 people for after the appointment on MY BIRTHDAY, to make myself feel pretty and nice, which I don't get to do often.

    Come to the day of the appointment, me and my two accompanying friends are on our way to the salon when the salon calls us up and cancels. This was two hours before the appointment. Obviously enraged that we had planned a whole afternoon/night around this appointment, we called back and ask that our next visit be discounted as it was unfair that they call us 2 hours before to cancel. Obligingly, they offered us half price on our next visit and organised to call us back within half an hour to make us another appointment. Surprise surprise we never got a call, nor the day after either. Finally, we had to call back ourselves and low and behold they are booked out!

    This makes me wonder if this "VIP" package was all just a scam, I have been constantly calling and calling with no one even picking up. All I wanted was a nice afternoon to get my hair after waiting a month for this appointment.

    There is also no chance of a refund. So my options are to currently lose $60 or wait another 2 months for an appointment, by which time my hair regrowth will be atrocious.

    Would never recommend this place.
  • I purchased a voucher from there webpage for a keratin treatment mid last year, terrible idea, I feel like they applied cocoa butter on my hair, my hair was oily, smelly and the smell was unbearable to sleep with, I rinsed it 3 days later, my hair was back to frizz, even more then before, shocking, no customer service at all.
  • WORST PLACE EVER!!! i felt rushed my hair was damped after my blow dry and i had colour stains all over my hair line
  • Had my hair done over the weekend and received an amazing blow wave! Seriously the team at Christopher Hanna in at Surry Hills and The Sheraton are fantastic...Repeat customer here I come...!
  • I had my hair done last night and this salon is completely understated! Honestly, The staff were delightful and the location is to die for!. I walked out feeling like I had certainly received what I wanted and you can put me down as another satisfied blonde customer! <3 it
  • Absolute PERFECTION. I am so happy with my treatment today. I have walked out feeling like a goddess and my hair has never felt so thick but healthy. Thank you to the beautiful team. I actually wont go anywhere else from now on...............and I only came across you by a fluke!
  • When I read the below reviews I was really scared to go to this salon. Boy oh Boy was I wrong to Judge. I had the most magnificent stylist and felt like I was the only client there, The customer service was outstanding and the treatment was to die for. I got exactly what I wanted. I will return with Bells on!
  • This salon is AMAZING. I have never had better colour treatments or service. SEE Dermott! He is FANTASTICA! Will definitely go back. Thank you so much to the everyone who helped me look glam for my event!
  • I live interstate and came to this salon just to have my hair done for an event. I was extremely pleased by the service and my curls looked immaculate. Thankyou so much to the team I certainly got what I paid for and everyone was so lovely. I will absolutely go back!
  • So I am the first one to make a complaint about service if I am not happy and I was VERY worried about going in to this salon after reading the below reviews. However I have to say I had gone in with False impressions. The staff were amazing and the service I received was more than I paid for I was so happy with Dermot and met with Christopher Hanna himself. It was the most welcoming environment and I was completely taken care of. I will definitely be returning and will certainly be telling people to go there.
  • What poor service! This place LACKS everything a reputable salon should have - lack of customer service, rude staff! went in for a bouncy blow dry and left with limp hair and advice form the poor excuse for a hairdresser - "when you get home curl it with a wand for volume". Gee i thought it was your job to actually do that...after all thats what i came into see you! After all that staff has the cheek to ask me for an extra $5. mean really! Staff knew i was unhappy with the end result and wants an extra $5...that just lost you a client and atleast another of 10 of friends! Do yourself a favour, avoid this place! They always have promotions for a reason...its a shocking place.
  • Never going to anyone else but Dermot! Best hair dresser by far.
  • Two friends and I were approached at our uni a few months ago by a representative who sold us those card deals where you pay $45 for the $500 package (hair consultation, head massage, colour/gloss, treatment, and blowdry) and then another $80 on the day for the cut. We thought it seemed like a good deal and liked that the staff was honest with us about why the salon was offering it (they said they wanted to appeal to uni students so that when we do make a lot of money, we come back there and spend it at full price - fair enough).

    We had no trouble getting a booking for a Saturday a few months after that. The staff were reasonably friendly and polite when we came in, so no problems there. Our experience definitely wasn't as bad as some of the shockers I've read about below but it definitely wasn't a great experience. For a place that reckons it can charge $500 for the abovementioned package, the service and overall experience was about as good as you'd get paying around $100 at a hairdressers in a suburban. First of all, the 'consultation' pretty much consisted of the stylist asking me "what do you want?" and me telling staff "a trim". Great 'consultation'. I would've thought a consultation meant more them telling me what kind of styles might suit my face shape, or some products that might be good for my hair type, but nope. A staff then took me up to wash my hair, and the water was boiling hot - surely any amateur hairdresser knows you check the temperature against your hand, or ask the customer first if it's okay? Staff was also super rough and yanked out quite a lot of hairs. The 'head massage' consisted of staff rubbing my head roughly for about two minutes. They put a 'gloss' treatment in my hair as I didn't want it coloured, and I sat with the gloss in my hair for far longer than they had said it would be (was meant to be 15min, I ended up sitting there being ignored for about half an hour). Then back up for another shampoo - one of my friends at this point had to have her hair rinsed twice, as the staff didn't rinse all the bubbles out the first time and the stylist sent her back up. Also, at the beginning of our visit this same staff had offered us a coffee each, and about 45 minutes later the coffee still hadn't appeared, so staff apologised and said they'd get it soon.

    I then sat in my chair with a towel on my head for about another 35-40 minutes waiting for my haircut while my friends had theirs cut. It was weird because staff outnumbered customers in the salon, it just seemed like a lot of them weren't doing much (walking around, sweeping hair, manning the counter, outside on their phones). The other staff who eventually did get around to trimming my hair was really lovely and did a quick trim, then a very thorough and nice-looking blowdry which I was happy with. The coffee never did appear and no-one explained why.

    All in all it was an alright experience, something I'd be happy to pay about $80-90 for. Not $125 (i.e. $45 + $80) for, and DEFINITELY not at $500+! I don't want to complain too much because they didn't mutilate my hair thank goodness, but it definitely feels like they really talk themselves up when they describe their services and tell you the price is that high, and then don't deliver anything better than what you could get.

    They didn't destroy my hair but I'll never go back because they charge way too much for a totally average service.
  • horrible experience, my friend and i were approached at uni on orientation day, where a PR representative promised that we would have a full VIP treatment at just one payment of $80. We asked over and over again to ensure that it was just one payment and we wouldn't have to pay another $80 unless we wanted a hair cut.

    When we went however, we were told that we had to pay another $80 to actually get our hair done. We then told the staff what happened, they didn't apologise and we had to ring the PR representative, where they said we misunderstood what they were saying and they didn't apologise either.

    The staff were rude and we were told we had to contact the PR company in order to receive a refund. So much planning went about so my friends and I could get our hair done for my birthday, but because they were so rude I didn't want to pay any extras for their services so I didnt get my hair done at all.

    This place is not recommended.
    • Sorry to hear about this. I went through the same experience but paid $45. Both hairdressers and sales representatives are rude and won't ever say sorry or do anything.
  • Ok were do i start; this is my first time reviewing anything! Firstly after reading more reviews I am more outraged!! my friend and I were approached inside the campus (which i feel now is not acceptable). Had a very convincing approach and first i thought was lost on campus; started talking about how there was this VIP event, which i automatically thought this must be free to students. well no, said it included champagne, chocolate, strawberries, lots of girls going with their friends, hair cut, hair colour, hair treatment, overall a $500 worth of hair care stuff. etc etc. I found it quite appealing and asked the price, said $90 each for starters, i was like no way, as a university student we dont have that kind of money. then started being all nice by saying "you know what i'll make it half price for your guys", $45 each. So my friend and I sorta hesistated but was very convincing, i saw the pamphlet and said why does it say $80 haircut? and was like thats optional, and so i confirmed with them "I dont need to get a haircut?" and said yep thats fine; to me they seemed like they knew what they were saying and thought they worked at the salon; so i started asking them about ombre and what i can do to my hair. My friend and I got convinced at the end and bought it; couldnt get a booking for seriously 5 months, finally got a booking yesterday. Got to the salon, had to sit down.. no vip treatments, felt like there was no such champagne or anything, seemed just like a normal hair salon. I asked the staff before going ahead "i dont want a haircut" and staffs like "whatever you do you have to pay $80"; was rude and just went straight to management; because I told staff I dont want to pay $80 because i've already paid $45. The management came around and told us that we had paid $45 and the salon only receives $80, anyway felt abit outraged that I paid somebody $45 out of my own pocket just to convince us. So i said to the salon staff, "So you expect us to pay $45 then another $80? are you serious! Where university students we dont have that kind of money, and this staff said we had paid for everything and that we did not have to pay extra". All the management could say was "I'm sorry, we understand that our representatives havnt been giving correct information; we will let them know.." . So they gave me staff's number and told me to give staff a call and see if can give me a refund. I took it and left; Staff has not returned my calls or messages or e-mails. If im not going to get my money back the least I can do is to report these people.

    p.s my honest rating is 0/10
    • No way. My friends and I were also approaches on campus and they did make it sound absolutely amazing. However after reading these terrible experiences I don't think I'll even risk it. It's ridiculous and unprofessional.
  • Bought Scoopon for guava treatment for $149, it was one of the worst decision of my life even it is discounted. Went there very recently. The staff member is rude and rough, does provide gentle care on my hair and continuously pull hair quite hard. Before I went there, I read a lot of reviews including from here. I was hoping for the best. The treatment is very strong. It was not a pleasant experience. At the end, i did not finish the full course and just want to get out of there. I do not recommend anyone to go there unless anyone wants to take the risk.
  • I had visited the salon a couple of times previously (to have Keratin put in) and was seeking somewhere reliable for a colouring in of a few greys. The staff that applied the colour first time round had a slap-dash approach at best. I got home and a couple of days later, I noticed more than a few greys which hadn't been coloured. When I returned to the salon to have it looked at again, the staff2 mentioned some rubbish about a semi-permanent colour only covering 30% of greys. What? Would this not have been a good FYI before I paid over my $180? I said that wasn't acceptable and agreed to the front half of my head again. A few days later I could see that the colour didn't really match my natural colour at all. Shocking salon - stay away!!!
  • My friend and I went to Christopher Hannah in Surry Hills on Thursday night to redeem the vouchers she had purchased from one of the salon representatives in Pitt st mall. We had originally tried to book before Christmas and even though we had phoned up in mid November they were apparently booked out, and the staff on the phone was quite rude.
    My friend and i both have dyed red hair and were both keen for a change. Appreciating that red dye is particularly difficult to get out of your hair, I told my stylist that I wanted to go a light brown, close to ash-y blonde colour which is what my natural colour is, however if, because of the red, it is going to turn out dark brown i would instead like to opt for a brighter red as dark brown really washes me out. After showing staff pictures of me with my natural hair colour my stylist assured me that staff would be able to achieve this by putting a medium brown though my hair and then adding "loads" of blonde highlights and toning them through. My hair ended up a horrible, lifeless, dark greyish brown with a few orangey blonde highlights at the top.
    My friend had told her stylist that she wanted a subtle balayage like Lara Bingle's hair and that she didn't want it super light at the bottom and super dark at the top. when her stylist pulled the foil out of the bleached, lighter bottom he said "oooh, its pink!" to which my friend replied "..uh-oh", the stylist laughed at her and said he "kind of" liked it. Her end result was dark, almost black top half of her hair and an orangey pink bottom half. The stylist didn't blend the two at all so it honestly just looked like a terribly grown out, bad dye job.
    As soon as i got home i put a red box dye through my hair, but it did not lift out any of the darkness and i'm now left with black/red hair and i look like a ghost with no eyebrows.
    On top of all this our vouchers said we were supposed to get all these other things that we didn't get, like a hair treatment, home advice plan, and a glass of bubbly to name a few.. we weren't even offered a glass of water. The vouchers purchased cost $40 each and upon attending the salon you were supposed to pay $80 for a hair cut as well. The salon charged us $140 instead of $80 and hardly cut our hair at all. You honestly cant even tell we've had our hair cut.
    The staff lacked warmth, made no effort to talk to you and had conversations amongst themselves the whole time. My friend called the next day to speak with management, they weren't there and the staff on the phone said they'd get them to call her back. they never did. she called again later and told management about her experience. to be fair the management was very apologetic and offered to fix our hair in a months time and give us a free keratin treatment.My friend told management that she really didn't want to go back after her first experience, couldn't wait a month to get it fixed because it looks that bad and honestly just wanted her money back, the manager just told her they didn't have a refund policy and to call him when she knew what she wanted to do. I will never ever visit this salon again, and both my friend and i are so upset with our hair which is going to cost hundreds of dollars to colour correct at a professional salon. Ive never written a review about anything in my life but felt that others needed to be warned about this service.
  • Worst hairdresser ever!
    My hair was peroxided 4 times, even though I asked for hair to be a light brown, it was peroxided orange. When they tried to fix it, they only made it worse and I walked out of there with 2 blisters on my head (from all the peroxide) and had to go home and do a home colour. Then when I tried to speak to them about it the next week they wouldn't listen to me.
    Horrible experience, save yourself the time and money and go somewhere else!
  • i have voucher for keratin treatment and booked it on a tuesday, confirmed the booking 3x with whoever i talked to.i came in on tuesday and guess what they booked me in on a wednesday and told me that they cant do it for me on that day! i was reallly unhappy on how a simple thing like that they cant make it right. no surprise they have a huge amount of complaints a very poor review of their salon. considering they are not a cheap salon they should step ip a biy of a good customer service
  • My mum and I got approached by one of the staffs in Pitt St selling the VIP Pamper Package and additional services voucher. We were quite hesitant because we're both really fussy with our hair. My mum wasn't so keen so she told me to get it for myself. I guess they didn't want to lose us so they said, I'll give you one for free. They were really nice and I know, we probably shouldn't have given in but we thought two for $90 was decent. We asked them if we had to pay again at the salon and told us that we only had to pay this and by signing the card, it was so they could tell the salon that we had already paid for it. A few months passed and I decided to call to make an appointment for my mum and I. I was asked if I was aware that I had to pay an additional $80 to the salon. I told the staff on the phone that we were told that it was a one time payment and they said that the payment was to the people selling it and because it is at a really reduced price they need to charge again for the salon to make money - which makes sense but if I was told that beforehand I wouldn't have purchased the voucher. Next time, I walk through Pitt St I am definitely avoiding these pay before you go things.
  • I bought a coupon on a whim with two girlfriends and I must say that after reading the comments, I was quite hesitant, prepared for the worst, but also understanding that people don't usually write reviews unless the service is either EXTREMELY bad of EXTREMELY good.
    I must say though, that they don't deserve all the negative comments. I didn't expect them to be so busy but even so they were on time, with staff available to get started with our consultation straight away, giving good advice and understanding in an instant what we wanted. The were polite and charismatic. Seeing as I already had a drink it was fair enough that they didn't offer myself one, but for long waits as my girlfriends had, they did. They didn't try to force us to buy any extra products and were very succinct.
    Before this I had never had my hair dyed and as I said, was expecting the worst, but I walked out pleased with the end result. I must admit, it probably could have been a bit better, but for what I paid, i could not have expected any more.
  • Worst salon I have ever wasted money at. A friend had to pay $90 before setting foot in the salon. Let alone the cost of the actual service. I went along because I was told we would be treated to 'VIP service, including complimentary champagne, treatment, consultation and a choice of half head foils or full color with a cut and blow dry.
    We were greeted with 'you're late' and no smile, and told to wait- as you can see we felt like VIPs already...
    The staff who did my hair- I asked for the half head, barely changed my colour, and it looks quite uneven, the cut was rushed and some split ends were left, and the blow dry was half-done.
    There was no air conditioning and the salon was overcrowded with some-time staff.
    Would not recommend this place to anyone.
    Unhappy VIP.
  • Ive never joined up to these websites before but this salon totally deserves a good feedback

    i was totally scared from the reviews after i bought the vouchers i was thinking twice of actually going to them but i must say

    from MAKING the appointment to actually the hairdressers where RUNNING ON TIME!!! where other salons make you wait and wait these guys where ready to go when i was there i started off with a Color and the colorist was so help full he actually choose me a wild color because i wanted a change i then Spoke them him about the Hair CUT and he did everything I ASKED FOR witch is what i have NEVER experienced before , i then was talked in to the KERATIN treatment with the SPECIALIST they have there and I COULD NOT BE LIVE IT WAS MY HAIR IT WAS and STILL IS SOOO !!! SMOOTH and easy to manage i TOTALLY LOVE the salon and will definitely be back ,
    just goes to show to never judge a book by its cover!!
    • I felt like i was ripped off, im glad you loved your experience enough to review them. I found the service to be a tragic mess.
  • i had gone to the surry hills salon last week to have a cut and colour a girl named kelly looked after me. the foil highlights she did were perfect and she mixes up her own concoction of toners which really surprised me because it really scared me before it went on thought it would be pink or some thing crazy but she really knows her stuff, the haircut was the best i ever had, I would highly recommend her to any one. christopher hanna hope you realise how amazing kelly is.
  • I have never written a review about anywhere before but after my recent exeperience at this Hair Salon I feel so strongly that I must share my terrible experience. In short DO NOT GO here! I bought a voucher on Ouffer for a half head of foils and cut 5 months ago after being cancelled on 4 times, once only 2 hours before my appointment, due to some very pathetic excuses about 'computer system issues' and 'staff issues' I eventually got an appointment for a few days ago only to turn up to be told my appointment had been booked in for a keratin treatment. How on earth they got keratin treatment from me saying several times half head of foils I will never know! After a lot of humming and hawing they said they would 'squeeze me in' and I really wish they hadn't. The staff were rude and spent the whole time chatting to each other I was never offered magazines or a drink of water even, which is pretty basic I would have thought. The salon was a mess too, hair everywhere and just dirty, disgusting! My foils were to be left on apparently for 30 minutes, 50 minutes later the guy came over and looked at them....my hair is now almost white, awful! After eventually getting my hair washed I sat with it wet for 20 minutes, at this point I almost walked out. Never one single apology from anyone for this awful service. The staff are so unprofessional, the manager just seemed like he couldn't be bothered and it was filthy. There are so many other nice places to go to get your hair done, I suggest you stay well away from this place!
  • I went to Christopher hanna in surry hills for the first time and had a keratin treatment, my hair feels amazing will def be back, the stylist that did my hair was lovely had a great experience .
  • A hair dresser in the outback would probably have better manners, customer service skills and creative hair styles than Christopher Hanna on Crown Street. The salon was full of smoke from burnt hair and it smelt revolting. The staff who did my hair was nasty, had some serious issues with life and was in rush to finish and go out for drinks with colleagues. The staff deliberately cut short layers in the middle part of my head but styled it so that I couldnt see at the time, I realised it after the first wash.I was in tears as you can imagine. When I contacted their management he asked if I could come in and he will have a look but I had to call back and arrange a time, I called time after time to make an appointment, but he was away for the next two months. So I gave up but I wouldnt wish what happened to me upon anyone. Hopefully this GFC will give them the Karma they deserve.I will be the one who laughs last ;)
  • The first time I went there was fine. That's why I went back to do the Keratin. The second time the hairdresser that did it had attitude, hadn't slept or eaten, was irritiable because of it and was harsh. Felt really uncomfortable but I am quite strong so can handle it. Completely out of line and unprofessional. I then tried to call the salon to speak to the management and the phone was engaged for two hours. Worst service ever will never go back there ever again
  • Called on the day of keratin appointment (organised 3 weeks in advance) They said that they had booked my appointment with someone who had since left the company and there was no one available. Slack attitude from the staff on the phone, attitude was too bad (must not have felt like working that day, so cancelled). When finally got appointment for the following week the staff made CONSTANT negative comments about my hair (colour, condition, how it couldnt brushed properly) and made rude jibes at me. Had to tell the staff to stop insulting me. Then had to wait for 40 minutes between the keratin treatment and cut they had not booked someone in for the cut.

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