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Reviews of Classy Nails

  • Won't be going back- booked an appointment & waited half an hour. Customer service shoddy & no apology for keeping me waiting. Also in between my appointment I was left hanging for another 10mins while they served other customers. Obviously overbooked the whole day. I also had a bikini wax & it was one of my worst experiences & I've doing it for years- no calming chatter, but just a rip and finish literally!
  • mzthing Local Star 168 reviews
    This is the second time i come here and the last time. I find their customer service lacking and sometimes during conversation demeaning! As usual like most of these nail salons they have their private chit chats in their own language which i find extremely rude esp while working on a customers hands. After this last experience ive decided to quit getn my nails done at these places n just keep them manicured myself, why waste my money and receive such horrible service when i can just do it myself!?

    The person that worked on me is the management, seemed very huffy n puffy and just like the first time rambled on bout me taking off my existing acrylics n replacing them with new ones i guess they like to milk it for what they can get out of a customer.

    Secondly when i told the management to add another coat because the polish looked horrible they went into melt down mode (absolutely rude!) this also reminded me of the first time when i wasnt happy with the color they applied and the staff said we have to charge $10 remove and apply new color! How ridiculous. Instead i told them to add a diff tone on top of the existing color and this was because they didn't listen to me in the first place.

    They even got an apprentice to apply polish on my second visit to the point that i had to tell the staff what to do something so simple yet so hard for the staff... How embarrassing i can do it so can an 8 year old u don't need a degree to apply nail polish!

    If u want to train ur staff train them amongst ur staff not on paying customers! It is just common sense, seriously!

    I just can't believe the rudeness and unprofessionalism i experienced from them today it's a shame as they are local to me... And it's not like they are drowning in business, jeee i wonder why?! Awell it is their loss!

    I wish i could rate them negative 5 stars!

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