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cleen diesel - Super efficient fuel technology

 cleen  diesel is a Fuel Bourne Catalyst (FBC) formulated to increase efficiency and significantly reduce emissions in diesel engines. It is the only product to simultaneously reduce both  PM and NOx  while delivering efficiency gains  that  achieve global best  practice. cleen  diesel is designed to be used  in all grades of diesel and biodiesel blends ranging from  B2-B100.

 cleen diesel uses Viscon technology and when blended with ULSD (<10ppm Sulfur) diesel meets the Australia National Fuels Quality Standards Act 2000, US Diesel standards ASTM D975 -11 and European EN 590.  Its US EPA registered, approved under the Texas Low Emission Diesel program and the only product approved by the Californian Air Resource Board (CARB) to reduce Particulate Matter by >25%.

 cleen  diesel blended with ULSD  (<10ppm Sulfur) diesel meets the NSW  Dept  of Mineral Resources Coal  Mines (Underground) regulation and can be used in Underground (Coal  and Mineral) Mining.

 Summary of benefits:

 cleen dieselhas been formulated to significantly improve diesel fuel efficiency while providing global best practice emission reductions. With use of cleen diesel the following outcomes are achieved:    

                    PM reductions of 33% in duty cycle and 63% at idle. 

                    NOx reductions of 10.5%.

                    Fuel efficiency increase up to 6-9%.

                     Increase in Power by up to 13%  (verified by South West Research Institute - Texas)

 cleen diesel is the premium diesel of choice with unsurpassed levels of enhanced efficiency and emission reduction.

 Health and Safety:

 cleen diesel is safe and simple to use with handling requirements equivalent to diesel.

For a Technical Data Sheet please email us.
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