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Reviews of Clem's Chicken Shop

  • KamenRiderBlack Local Star 119 reviews
    Confessions of a Hungry Boy:

    On the 4th of March, 2015, I lost my Clem-ginity.

    I had been curious for a while, and everyone talked about how good Clem's is, how having Clem's in and around your mouth was something everybody should try at least once - and so I did.

    I am no stranger to fried chicken (if you're not a vegan, vego or a chicken, you should be eating fried chicken) but I must say, all the clucking about Clem's is on point (pun very much intended).

    The prices were great, despite being extremely busy and customers having their feathers ruffled (yes. that one's intended too.), the staff ran around like headless chickens (ok, last one. I promise) and got the orders done.

    Clem's also has a great community reputation. It's a well known fact that when there are left overs, the Clem's employees will offer them to the homeless and the needy, even allowing them to just stroll on in during business ours, give them a wave, and take a free can of drink (with limits, of course. it IS a business after all).

    Personally, I believe that's pretty noble and deserves a mention.

    Everything at Clem's is amazing, from the fried chicken, to the awesome fries, to the salads and the unique sides (try the buttered mushrooms. seriously. you will melt.)

    The one missing star is only because the wait can be a bit long but it's not really their fault it gets VERY busy.. pretty POULTRY stuff. (HA! I LIED! I made another pun. "poultry" - "paltry"? get it? yeah.)

    Eat Clem's. It's awesome.
    • Hahaha, what an awesome review. Well said.
  • Good wholesome nosh at fair prices.
  • Great takeaway! Good selection of salads and great chips with chicken salt!
  • Love the cold seasoned chickens and the roast vegetables are always tasty. Good place to pick up a real meal for the family, or to trick that dinner date that you cooked the whole meal yourself!
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