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Reviews of Clip -n-clip Unisex Hair Studio

  • Always get my haircut here, never had a problem. Staff are friendly and efficient.
  • I can't say the experience was great. The staff that did my hair seemed like was hungover and was not talkative. I had to initiate the conversation and told the staff of my holiday to Bali. While in Bali about 4 days after getting my hair done my hair turns green and it stayed green for the whole 3 weeks I was there. I thought they would have atleast told me to stay away from chlorinated water as I told the staff I was going away. I have not advised the salon of this as i like to forget what happened as it pretty much ruined my holiday and I can't imagine getting a decent refund.

    It took over a month for the green to come out of my hair
    I would not return here
  • As an adult I am quite capable of explaining exactly what I want in a haircut or colour. I am also totally able to say no if asked if I am interested in a product. What I enjoy about Clip 'n Clip is the friendliness of the staff who care for my hair and suggest how to care for it afterwards. The hardest thing is finding someone who cuts, colours and knows your hair and once you do, you don't want to lose them. Nicole is such a hairdresser. Well done!
  • They try to flog you products whenever they get a chance. They are very crafty in doing so. They will also leave you for longer then they should when your dye or treatment is 'setting in', they usually move onto another customer. They do an overall nice job, but usually not the hairstyle you want. It is also always busy.
    • I would just like to say that I've been going to Clip n clip for 6 years now, it's a family run business with great staff, their haircuts and products are first class.

      keep up the great work girls!!
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