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Clive Anthonys
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Reviews of Clive Anthonys

  • A hidden gem. I never heard of Clive Anthonys before, and it is on the opposite end of the supa center, away from all the big names selling the same electrical and white goods.

    I went in to buy a brand new computer, The staff couldn't be more helpful, Daniel i think his name was. Unlike other places i shopped at, he didn't try and push anything on me, he basically asked me what i do, what i need it for, how often i use it, rather than just going on about the products, so he found out what i needed before even moving onto a selling me a computer. I asked him about apple computers and unlike another store i went to, he didn't try and force it down my throat, and told me that for my purposes Apple or Windows will do the job fine for me. This was so refreshing, he let me choose rather than using me to get a bigger sale, even pushed me in the way to save money.

    Even though there was a sale on at the time, he went to his manager and asked for a further discount to be approved for me, it wasnt much more on the already 15% off but it was still fantastic that he did it for me. I looked around after buying the computer (they dont sell video games, so i still had some shopping to do) and was surprised to see that this store was actually the cheapest around.

    I cant get over how amazing the salesman was here, he was so polite and helpful and actually listened to what i want rather than just trying to sell me what he can.

    I highly recommending shopping here.

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