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Reviews of Clovercrest Family Practice

  • Never got past the receptionist to see a doctor here - was rudely told by receptionist doctors weren't taking new patients and it was too late in the morning anyway when I walked in with chest pains. Will never go back here. Had to ask wonderful Supermarket Manager to call for Ambulance to get help that day.
  • The clinic used to be excellent with Doctors who cared and took the time to spend with you re your health issues. However it would appear that 12 months ago the practice may have been sold and subsequently all of the original doctors have left the practice. The clinic now seems to employ only locums for short contracts and the service is no longer satisfactory, in that the locums do not seem to care about your health issue at all push you out the door as soon as possible or refer you on to a specialist (at great expense obviously). It seems to have become a business where the $ is paramount by maximising the number of patients that can be seen in the shortest amout of time. Not happy and I will be going elsewhere.
  • Had a very unpleasant experience. Waited over an hour an a half past my app time with no explanation. When I approached the desk to ask how long it would be until I was seen,
    I was spoken to very rudely by the women behind the desk. It seems if you are male and do not have a child with you, you are regarded as lesser member of society. This is understandable in an emergency ward or ON TH SINKING TITANIC, but not in a GP clinic. I go to see a doctor to seek help and advise not to be talked down to and made to feel as though I am an inconvenience to the operation of their clinic. Purely unacceptable
  • Absolutely fantastic Doctors Surgery! All the staff make you feel welcome. My kids are really comfortable going to see the Doctors there which is peace of mind for me.
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