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  • t1234h Newbie   1 review
    Totally wish I had taken the time to read the reviews online before taking my laptop in there. My laptop was only a month old and glitched out (died) needed super-fast repair (uni student) so took it there without thinking voiding warranty. Quoted 2 day repair took over 2 weeks, me calling every day to check progress, spending big dollars for little service. Get it back not a month later, the computers stopped working again, without hesitating took it back, this time took it back, they said hard drive died, covered under their warranty but had to pay all these charges, e.g. drivers, windows 8 ect. Get home, has Windows 7 on it after specifically asking it have Windows 8 back on, 2 more days another $100 dollars, get home MOST BASIC INSTALL EVER seen. Get 2 weeks down the track its not doing the most basic functions properly, e.g. word, chrome, and coming up with driver errors it cant fix (I PAID FOR THIS!!!). Take it back, Nothing wrong with it, waste of my time and money, spent more than the computers worth at that shop. Never go there, warning buyers. Go elsewhere, cheaper in the long run and more time effective.

    7 months ago - 14/09/2014

  • AJM35   2 reviews
    I recently brought my laptop to this store as my system kept crashing consistently. I picked up the laptop the following day and all of my files were missing. I took it back and was told there was an issue with the Cnet systems. My laptop was held for another day and when I picked it up again, my Windows system was Vista when it should have been Windows 7. So I took it back for a third time. I was told, "you didn't tell us which Windows system was on your laptop, so we just put Vista on there." I replied shouldn't a staff member ask this question when the laptop is dropped off. The response, "some staff ask this, but others don't." Obviously I was very frustrated that the staff member implied it was my fault. I left my laptop there for the Windows 7 upgrade to be completed. I just picked it up this morning and again all of my files are missing. I confronted staff and asked for reimbursement of the $200 I spent because of their poor services and wasting my time. Their response, "the best we can do is $20." The staff at this store is rude and service provided is terrible. I highly recommend you go elsewhere for your IT needs.
  • TheinAnh Newbie   1 review
    Buyers Beware. Avoid dealing with this retailer. The cheap prices are the hook. Poor workmanship, no after sales service, broken promises and faulty products have been my experience. I wish I had read the other online reviews as I would not have dealt with this business. Buyers Beware.

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