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Reviews of Co Co Auto Repairs

  • I had my car there last year. The car was having worn engine mount symtom (noise, clutching acceleration), even i could tell that after a quick google search. Took it there, the guy didnt notice anything, gave him a hint it could be engine mount, he had a look but couldnt tell which one it was (theres 4 of them). So he suggested replacing one by one until problem went away (wat a shock). I agree to proceed cuz he insisted 60% the front one will be out first. Got it replaced, didnt fix the problm, i gave up n went for another mechanic. They were able to tell straight away it was the left one, replaced n fixed it. (And it was those 30$ coupon service cheap mechanic that people are afraid of), i could not be happier.
  • Had my maxima fixing for coolant leak here. I think he used the 'express leak stop' liquid stuff, didnt solve it. The car ended up overheat. Took it back, he said it has another leak into the engine, then guarantee to "fix" it and charged me for it. Again, didn't solve the problem, coolant still leaking. Now he suspect its waterpump but wont honor his guarantee that the leak would stop and want me to pay for another fix.
    In the end I was fed up and went for another mechanic.
    • I went there to get my car fix. I don't know what's wrong with my car that's why take it to them to get fix. The day after that the car still went wrong and I take extra day off to take it there to ask them fix it again. The owner there still charge me the second time. I keep asking him why and he told me many technical things that I didn't know it's true or not. And he said to me he wouldn't touch my car again. Until now I still can't understand what did I do to him. I should be a person getting angry. And how bad the customer servive is. Terrible!!!

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