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Reviews of Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd

  • Hi,Thought i would share a very interesting situation i encountered recently,hoping someone could maybe explain how this could have happened.Whilst opening a box of coca cola (30s),which i bought last week from woolworths,kallangur,i got half way into empting the box when to my suprise there was a single unopened 375ml can of Jim Beam bourbon devils cut in the box.Hope someone can shed some light on this anomally.Wasnt sure how to add photos,thanks.
  • Several months ago I rand coca cola concerning a machine that had taken my money. No problem they said we can organise a reimbursement of the amount. What arrived in the mail was a Quick Tap card which i could use to get another drink. Closest Quick Tap machine machine is 15kms away at train station that you cannot park near and after that the next closest is 35kms away. What a joke. while I was at Springwood Qld I happened across a machine and thought I would use my card.WOULD NOT WORK.I had activated my card and followed all instructions repeating several times to ensure that I was doing it properly. No luck. Thanks Coca Cola for nothing. What a waste of time. Just send customers cash not cards. Absolutely useless
    • As this site is not owned or managed by CCA, it is not a site we regularly monitor for customer feedback. We have become aware of your comment above and we would like to take the opportunity to respond and rectify. If you could call our Consumer Information Centre on 1800 025 123 or email us at consumer_information@ccamatil.com we will be able to organise a refund for you
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