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Reviews of Coco Beach Resort Store

  • Okay so I thought 2 years on and rumours there were new owners would have made this cafe an enjoyable place so I decided to go down for breakfast one morning with my cousins, this time our food came out quick and was actually okay (minus white goo all over the egg as it wasn't cooked properly) but I wiped it off and continued to eat when all you start to hear are the bosses yelling at each other about who to send home because one doesn't think they need the extra staff, it literally goes on for a good 15 minutes on and off and everyone can hear them swearing and yelling at each other, very unprofessional guys.....Also, I got a salmon on sourdough when i left to bring back for my mum and the middle was frozen how gross, icy fish!
  • Haven't been here for a long time because last owners were incredibly rude. Happy to say there are new owners that have fantastic customer service, beautiful gluten free cakes, incredible change of coffee. I'm so happy, as Im a local n now can pay half the price here. Watch out coffee club, hello cocos. Couldn't be happier
  • Wow, fantastic change. New owners, coffee 100 times better, service improved a lot. Very happy with new selections of cakes. I'm a local n happy with new owners
  • They are always closed ??? And have no etfpos
  • I went to Coco's beach cafe in Currimundi a few days ago and received very bad customer service, if I could rate them a 0 I would! When I was paying for my order ($80 worth) I asked if I could please have my eggs well cooked as I am 5 months pregnant and the staff at the counter said would ask the management and I watched management do so and yelled out to me from in the back kitchen to go someplace else and cursed at me. I was in shock and disbelief as I was very polite in the way I asked and told them I was pregnant and that was the reason. The staff told me was very sorry for the way management spoke to me and looked extremely embarrassed. I thanked staff and went to leave and another staff had just finished taking breakfast out to a couple and told me that they talk to a lot of customers like that and apologised also. I feel that it is highly unprofessional to act in such a manner were you are swearing and yelling at a customer from across rooms in front of easily 75 people when the customer was being very polite. I will never go there ever again and felt I should express my experience.
  • Cheap food, nice location and meals arrived quickly; however I have to say that my wife and I had some of the worst customer service we had ever experienced. My wife is currently pregnant and when she approached the staff and requested that her bacon be "well cooked" (as it came to us still very pink) she was rudely told that they cooked it the same way for everybody and if she didn't like it she should just get her money back. The wait staff then went on and argued with my wife's request. Well, that's great, but last time I checked, its up to my wife to make the judgement call about what she is putting in her body while pregnant, and she chooses to not eat undercooked bacon. My wife had to tell staff that she would prefer it cooked a bit more and the wait staff did it with a lot of attitude about how staff thought it was an unreasonable request. The other wait staff who came out to our table was very nice, but all the other staff seemed very rude, and therefore took it out on patrons.
  • Cocos is a hidden treasure on Currimundi Lake. Cheap, no nonsense food and service AND good coffee! Busy on weekends with locals taking advantages of cheap deals but was surprised how quickly the orders were filled. Enjoy a swim or walk on the beach afterwards, can't go wrong.
  • (;> 3 reviews
    Local secret. Cheap two-for-one deals in modest surrounds but with magic view. Best on Sunday morning for breakfast. Order bacon and egg burger, two for one for $6, a take away coffee, and sit on the beach or on the lakeside. Not flash, but fab.

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