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Reviews of Cold Rock Ice Creamery

  • Waldo has to go along with STL on this Ice Creamery. My youngster has prompted me to right about her Hard Rock experience last week.

    Yes kids are behind the counter, yet, with no obvious training in terms of customer service it is serve ice cream, talk about your social life, get paid and continue social life until next shift.
    Youngster was told to wait as blondie wasn't finished telling her story about surfer boy...to her friend sitting on a seat behind youngster. YES talking over the top of the customer across the shop.

    Youngster enjoys the ice cream, loves the cookie dough original, yet is disappointed at the staff attitude to the customer. 2.5 stars for the ice cream.

  • I disagree with STL. I've been here a couple of times and have only had good experiences. It's great that you don't have a limit on the number of toppings you can have. The staff are friendly and give decent servings. Delicious!
  • STL 72 reviews
    The idea is not bad but if you have to put different kinds of sprinkles and chocolate on ice cream to make it more flavourful than there is something wrong.

    and this one here seems to be worse than the other ones - the "kids" behind the counter are not very friendly and always seem to want to be somewhere else.

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