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Reviews of Coles Supermarkets - Head Office

  • I am writing this review because I have not been able to get through to coles in Gisborne Vic about there fruit and veg section.
    I have been there a few times and each time I have found fruit or veg that is rotten. My latest visit there was yesterday and while I was there I found 5 products that were mouldy - Cucumber - grapes - beans - onions - red pepper. (And that's just the products that I wanted to buy so I don't know what else was like it.) I went and showed the gentleman working in that section the cucumber and he said sorry and took it out the back, I then went on to do my shopping and found more I went up to him with my collection of mouldy products and he just put his head down and walked off. I asked to see the Manager and was told the manager was not in the store. This is not good enough expecially with the price of food these days. I hope this gets to the proper authorities so something can be done about it. #reviewtowin
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  • I note that the contents of a Vegemite jar have gone from 400 g to 380 g. I also note that there is now a Halal logo on the jar, which I understand imposes a significant cost for permission to use. This may, or may not, be a coincidence. But I will certainly check all purchases in future with a Halal logo, to see if it has increased the effective price.
    • Contact Westfarmers in WA who own Coles, if they receive enough complaints perhaps they will do something.
  • I have noticed that Vegemite has reduced their 400g jar to 380g,which represents a 5% reduction, in reference to your supermarket brochure starting wed 30/7/2014 as per page 7. I wonder if the 5% reduction is translating to their whole range?? This was certainly done on the hush. Thanks Vegemite!!
  • I would like to highly praise the staff of Coles Supermarket Kurri Kurri. The managerial staff have been very supportive of our school in many ways, the staff have assisted us with our Father's Day & Mother's Day BBQ Breakfasts, our Meet & Greet BBQ as well as holding BBQ's and raffles to raise money to purchase and build a Sensory Garden in our school for our students with special needs. The staff have given up their own time both graciously and happily to assist our school in making these events for the students and families of our school a huge success. Recently one of the Coles employees of Kurri who was a former student of our school has volunteered to paint an indigenous mural in an alcove of our school. This artwork is a massive project and as the artwork evolves the excitement and enthusiasm is generating amongst both our students and staff. We are working hard to have this completed to unveil at our NAIDOC WEEK celebrations Week 1 next term.
  • Today or went to Coles on harbour drive coffs harbour. Upon arrive I decided to use there loo. It was absolutely discusting with one toilet about to over flow the other one disgusting and to top it off no toilet paper to be seen. The state it was in it looked like a block of dirty toilets in a park.. Was not happy.
  • Hello, I have been ordering online from Coles for almost a year now. I have been shopping at Coles for the past five years. In all this time I have received mixed service, but the online delivery service is something I feel the need to inform you about. Its been very bad. Its just acceptable that there always seems to be a substitution on every order. But just about every order there has been a mistake; either something didn't get packed/delivered - forgotten and left in the delivery truck, etc., or something got damaged or it was the wrong brand/type. And once when I phoned to get a refund the rep tried to get me to just get a store credit, giving the impression it was more of a process for him to issue me a refund rather than a store credit. Hence, I never received the refund nor the credit. Just recently I had pointedly asked for a refund telling the rep of the previous refund/credit botch, thinking they would be more cautious. I never received the refund then either. When I phoned the rep told me there was a note in the system saying that the system shut down at the time the rep was giving me a refund and therefore was only able to give me a store credit. Had I not phoned, I would have never found out about having gotten the credit rather than the refund. It would seem obvious that a store as big as Coles would have the courtesy to have a representative inform the customer in such a situation. One other time I emailed regarding a product I was after; I never received a response. I have called and complained many times to no avail. It is quite evident that this sums up to be all very sloppy service that is treated with such ill-regard for such a huge corporation and business. I just don't understand...Is it just a case of apathetic behavior and bad workmanship? Coles seems to lack pride in my eyes. Its perplexing that one store can constantly make so many, many errors and making no improvements. I understand there have been notes put into my account in your system stating my complaints, but what good has it done? Nothing, that's what. I am now deciding on whether or not to use other stores, to use as my online shopping venue. Sure, you've got other customers to fill my spot. But you've also got a bad reputation, as it seems others have had similar issues with Coles. I'd get yourselves sorted, if I were you. I have relayed this note on your feedback form several weeks ago to which there was no response, and yes, I have since turned elsewhere for all my grocery shopping. Sincerely, Cynthia Viglione Anning
  • I have been a Coles customer for more than 40 years. I visited the Diamond Creek store on 08/04/2014 and noted that there were some Mirabella LED light globes for sale. Close examination revealed that they were 6 watt globes but the shelf label described them as 9 watt bulbs. I drew this discrepancy to the attention of the front desk staff member and told them that this was illegal and that they should be taken off the shelf until the error had been rectified. They agreed to do so. A few days later I noted the same items on sale with the same wrong label. I showed this to the supplies management who removed them from the shelf. A few days later the items were again on the shelf with the same wrong label. I phoned the Head Office and was told that they would immediately phone the branch and send them an email. A few days later, for the FOURTH TIME, there were the same items on the shelf with the wrong descriptive label. I again phoned the Head Office and was told that they would put things right and that the management, would phone me to confirm that the error had been rectified. They phoned me to explain that, although the labels were printed at the store, they were copied from the master label on the Head Office computer. They had been aware of the discrepancy for some time but his requests to Head Office to have the label wording amended had been ignored. I asked them why they had not therefore taken the items off the shelf but he did not give a reason; however, they agreed to now remove them. As the label wording was on the Head Office computer, it would seem that every Coles store in Australia that stocked these items would have been displaying the misleading label for weeks at least and purchasers would have been buying globes with a much lower light output. As each globe costs almost $25, the cumulative sales revenue would be considerable. This reveals either an inadequately-trained store manager or a could-not-care-less attitude at Head Office.
  • I was very disappointed with the staff at Coles in epping plaza. Before I went there I asked them over the phone if there were some baby liquid formula called S26 for my 10months old boy who doesn't drink other formula except this and they said they got 12 packs and I asked them to hold them for me before hanging up I let them know my name and what time I would be there. I was in a hurry to go get them for my baby .. I ended up upsetting..the staff didnt even check the shelf and said they got 12packs!!
    The worst part was staff didnt apologise to me. I went to epping, south morang, northland etc to get the formula. I will not go back to the shop!!! upsetting..staff didnt even check up the shelf
  • I am bitterly disappointed with Cole's Alexander heights I have noticed it has been going downhill steadily for the last 6 month's empty shelves no matter what day you go in or what time but today fruit and vege department not only empty but I had to take rotten bananas to the staff my last visit I had to point out to them that its not ok to sell green potatoes then today as well had to point out to staff that the cream was 5 days out of code this is not good enough Coles. I think j would be better off going to a small franchise store that cares about its customers
    • i have decided to never shop in coles again they always have empty shelves no matter what time u go in to the shop this week they had nothing left as towards specials and that was on a Fri arvo along with empty shelves for my regular stuff kids toothpaste, dog chews, coles cream, to name just afew things they didn't have i am sick of having to go to others to finish my grocery shop
  • Absolutely disgusted . Got onto HR about an issue and the staff was so rude. I'll never be shopping in coles again. After that service I've been put off for life . Still fuming from how rude they were. Will defiantly be warning off my family and friends

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