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Reviews of Concord Post Office

  • Just as others have pointed out the queue is very long, often it can be frustrating as the staff are helping out customers with the stupidest of questions that they should really find out the answers to themselves (e.g. asking what is the Australian to USD exchange rate, when they have a smart phone in their hand and the queue is out the door). On the flip side I appreciate that the staff are willing to help and give useful information and this makes queuing worth it, so over all a big A+ for these guys. 4stars
    One negative is that in front of this post office it appears to be smoker central and I wish i did not have to walk through clouds of smoke, passive smoking a little every time just to use the local post office :(
    If you are a non-smoker, you might even notice it while you queue..
    they lose have a star because of this, but for smokers this would not matter.
  • The down side, as others before me have pointed out, is that the lines are often very long. The up side is the outstanding level of customer service. Every customer gets the fullest attention and the best service. The staff are not only friendly, but will do everything possible to assist and oblige their customers. If the waits bother you, try the other post office about a km away. Although they don't know the first thing about customer service
  • winglee Area Expert 182 reviews
    Its a good size post office with lots of interesting stuff to buy, but my goodness it is always so slow to get served. They seem to have no sense of urgency even when the queue is out the door. Having said that the staff are all very pleasant and nice. But sometimes they should think twice about having a chat with the person they are serving when people in the queue are muttering about the wait.

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