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  • Tiaraaaaa Local Star   636 reviews
    What an amazing Animal Hospital. From the first telephone consultation I had with the staff I knew straightaway this was the place for my little fur child (cat). The staff are so friendly and welcoming and really take the time to enquire about the problem and give knowledgeable information to ensure ease and comfort for both owner and pet. So happy I rang around and found Concord Animal Hospital - number 1 choice from now on :)

    7 months ago - 18/09/2013

  • krista81   3 reviews
    This vet clinic is wonderful, you feel welcome and they listen, after all you know your dog better than anyone....I have seen 4 different vets there over the past 3 years, mostly alice and recently david.....alice was amazing her love of dogs was wonderful....i have cried in that clinic and i was comforted by alice......she is the best vet i have ever pooches will miss her...David is warm, friendly and cares....great bloke....alice chose well :-).....i will always visit this vet as long as i live in sydney, very happy with david :-)...cant wait til they open new clinic :-)
  • TruRail Newbie   1 review
    Concord Animal Hospital continuing under David; how great is that. Congratulations to Alice on your retirement. You have been such a fabulous, caring and intuitive vet. Bandit was wonderfully cared for during his various operations. I have loved watching David going from weekend worker to fully fledged and talented Vet which you have demonstrated over the last five years. Bandit loved you David. Congratulations on the next step in your career when you move to new premises in Concord Rd. You have had a wonderful mentor in Alice and I know you will have every success in your new hospital.
  • kmit3654   2 reviews
    Our beloved dog Buddy was diagnosed with cancer about a year and a half ago. He underwent an amputation of his front leg, chemo and despite this enjoyed another year of QUALITY life with us before his cancer came back agressively. Buddy was initally diagnosed at Concord West Animal Hospital and the vets were honest, upfront and compassionate when they broke the news to us. They genuinely care and even cried with us at times on our journey. Buddy recevied excellent follow up treatment from them as they were our local vet and he was in there regularly to get bloodwork done and pick up his medications. When the time came to say goodbye to our dear friend David was amazing during this very trying emotional time- he really did care. They were also able to offer advice on optionsfor our friend after he passed away. I cannot reccomend these guys highly enough- I sng their praises to everyone who asks. I also reccomend Sydney Animal Hospital on Parramatta Rd for major surgery etc for your pets. That is where our boy underwent his surgery and chemo. The staff there were also fantastic and both Concord Animal Hospital and them worked together to give our friend expert care.
  • Kokkai Ng   3 reviews
    The decor is a little old but that's being superficial -- the very lovely and enthusiastic vet more than makes up for that.
  • LazzaSant   2 reviews
    I have seen the wonderful reviews about this place in regarding to the care of cats. I have a dog and I must say that the same goes for dogs. All staff are truly animal loving people. They care! I take my dog there now for 3-4 years. I moved to the Northern Beaches and I am still drive there whenever my dog needs attention. There are no other people I would trust with the care of my dog. They are knowledgeable (trust me, my dog has tested their knowledge a few times), they are patient and they just seem to care. Sometimes there can be a bit of wait, but even the location is great, you can just 'check in' and go to some of the cafes nearby and gran a quick coffee. Their prices are quite reasonable as well. Parking is not really an issue. And, I just love the wonderful work they do for kittens by finding them new homes. Good on you guys.
  • Moochies   59 reviews
    If I was an animal and I had to pick where I could get treated I would choose Concord Animal Hospital! The staff are wonderful, genuine animal loving people who are well informed about issues that may affect you beloved family pet. It is also a very affordable veterinary! When I had a toilet training issue with my kitten, they readily provided me with suggestions over the phone too mind you and provided me with a referral to an animal psychologist if I didnt see any improvements. This was after they had exhausted all possible issues and solutions with me. Luckily I never needed the animal psychologist as one of the suggestions worked turned out my kitten was a bit precious (and wanted her privacy) and wanted a hooded toilet (a possible issue raised by the practise). I understand that the practise also works hand in hand with the cat protection society so you rescue a cat when you get it from them.
  • fishface Newbie   1 review
    concord animal hospital is great they are truly compassionate no matter how difficult the owners are.They also make a great difference to cat population numbers by doing discounted cat desxing prices through their work with cat protection society.As well as desexing they also have a huge success with placing kittens in new homes.For a complete sevice of all animal needs you should check them out it could be well worth your while.

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