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  • MarleyMidnight Newbie   1 review
    I found core health club the only alternative in suburb and surrounding suburb which had limited facilities. The rear entrance allowed 24 hour access and was perfect for avoiding further confrontation with the staff or management, who made the experience of signing up feel like they were doing us a massive favour by \"letting us join\" rather then welcoming as you would expect from any other facility being presented with over two new members. I had my new mobile phone stolen from the facility right under my nose whilst on a machine at night. Despite reporting this to reception staff, I received no follow up and in fact no word at all from staff or management about what they were doing in regards to having members stealing within the facilities. The security seems to be only for show in terms of the bathrooms, at every visit the female bathrooms were able to be accessed without a pass which was very concerning for the early morning or late visits where that extra security would provide further comfort for a female member. Having grown up in gyms, I found my experience at this gym rather dissapointing.
    Core Health Club will find it difficult retaining its members with the construction of the new Frankston Pool and gym facilities, at the moment it plays on the fact that local residents have very little alternatives and treats its members as such.

    3 months ago - 02/01/2014

  • Core Theft Newbie   1 review
    I wanted to write a review of complete honesty so that can people can take my experience of this gym and learn from it if they are considering joining.

    In all honesty the gym itself is great in terms of equipment , it is kept relatively clean, they could invest in some aircon on busy days though. the great thing is you don't have to deal with the staff there at all as their is rear access with a pass.

    Please be careful of belongings, I wouldn't leave anything lying around.

    In terms of the staff, we found the place the hardest to join, they didn't want to give us any kind of comparative concession to other offers in the area, the attitude was always pay the full amount or don't join, to a certain extend I respect that they didn't want to compete in a competitive environment but their attitude was far from welcoming.

    We have been under a contract with them for 7 months and we have had to move far away, this is when the gym show their true colours and is their time to shine, they will hit you with adsorbent cancelation fees and ask that you pay a 35% of the reminder of your term, which can be significant if a multiple people have joined. Their attitude is either pay or we will just keep debiting for the remainder of the term. The only alternative we have is VCAT and appeal due to unfair terms, however there is an 8 month wait, which we obviously have to keep paying monthly instalments to the gym during the wait.

    So in other words as a consumer you will be hit very hard if you try to leave this gym and even the regulatory body is in high demand so there's not much you can do about it.

    All I can recommend is that you do not ever have to deal with any staff, just use the gym on a cool day and only join if you are going to be there for a long time as they will not give you a second of consideration if you try to cancel.

    4 months ago - 10/12/2013

    • corehealth Newbie 
      We thank you for your feed back.
      Yes we do not discount our membership prices it would not be fair to our existing members. We focus on giving our members value for money.
      We pride ourselves on being the biggest, club with the most extensive range of equipment, open the longest hours.
      We are constantly adding new equipment. Just in the last few months - 5 treadmills, 5 cross trainers, 2 step mills. We just opened a cross training functional Fitness Studio with an online Group Training Class program so you can do a class 24 hours a day 356 days a year.
      As far as our memberships go you have the choice a 52 week membership or a week to week membership. Your Choice. You chose the cheaper one with a cancellation fee. You sign and initial all payment clauses when you join. We uphold our terms and conditions to be fair to all members. Our membership agreement is in line with fitness Australia Guidelines and has been reviewed by ASIC. We wish you all the best in the future.

      4 months ago - 10/12/2013

  • Bobbypop Newbie   1 review
    Worst gym in frankston.

    I want to give this club a zero but I have to give it 1/2 to submit.

    Staff are not informed on changes in the club and seem very unhappy to be there.

    Management will never return your calls emails or speak to you in the club.

    The management is not a nice person
  • Taylorlu Newbie   1 review
    Please do yourself a favour and never go to this gym!
    It is a nightmare! The management seems to be the source of the problem. The staff are nice but their always unhappy and I get the feeling there's no communication between management and staff because they never know about the new equipment or class ect. I've been going to this gym for 5 months I go 6 times a week I just recently canceled. Hopefully I don't keep getting charged.

    The management is always grumpy and doesn't knowledge their staff or the members. When I've tried to speak with them about problems with the equipment they are always too busy. This gym looks like a terrible place to work and the turn over of staff is very high here! Some of the staff are great very helpful and knowledgable about fitness and nutrition, The reception staff and Note to management-Happy staff=happy club
    The worst part of this club is the management and the equipment is out of date and broken.
    I think if the management pulled their heads out of their... It would be a good club.

    And please get a cleaner during the day !!!!
    • Bobbypop Newbie 
      So true! I've seen 4 staff members cry in the last couple of months

      5 months ago - 16/11/2013

  • Julia2606 Newbie   1 review
    Haven't come across such hopeless customer service before.I was thinking to join a gym a couple of months ago and visited a few gyms around the area to get some quotes and information to compare. The "sales person" needed to check everything with a management and didn't call me back as promised. If this is how they treat prospective customers I wonder how they treat members. I happily signed up elsewhere where the staff and sales people were not only friendly but knowledgeable, helpful& responsive.
  • A3star Newbie   1 review
    A classic example of poor customer service.
  • biddle2   2 reviews
    We have a son that went overseas some 6 months ago and will not return for some time.
    Before he left he spoke to the club and suspended the club for 12 monthsHowever they continue to charge a credit card even when no one is using the club. we have called many many times and have been told that it will be fixed up. It never happens. They are simply not worth dealing with.
    The attitude of staff and management is appaulling.
    They should be hunted out of business, look at the other rewiews and DO NO USE THEM
    We have referred their actions to consumer affairs and will take further action.

    They are simply BAD BAD BAD give them a negative 100

  • Bryce Neil Newbie   1 review
    Called up this horrific business, asked for a price per visit for swimming, she quotes an absurd price of $20.00. Further asking for a membership cost, she quotes she is only a receptionist and can't tell the price, that I'll have to come in.

    What an absolute joke.
    • corehealth Newbie 
      We are sorry to you have had a bad experience. We have a huge range of memberships and cater our prices to each individuals needs. The reception team are there to service members and guest to the gym. Our membership team would be more than happy to speak to you regarding our club and facilities. There are exciting things happening at our main Frankston Club we are expanding our cardio area, our state of the art group fitness room will hold over 80 people and like our Seaford and Towerhill sites we are going 24 hours!!!


  • hjs20 Newbie   1 review
    Core Health Club! They are very quick to sign you up and take your money! But then ignore you when you wish to end your membership! Not only do have to give 28 days notice but then they don't even acknowledge you notice!! While at the gym alot of was broken and not fixed or replaced!!
  • KM777 Newbie   1 review
    Gyms are often lovely when you're joining, but how their staff behave when you go to cancel? That's the big test.

    At present, this gym will only allow you to cancel after giving 28 days notice, which you must give in person by signing a request form. Mind you, the request form must be APPROVED by the management ... r who will not take a phone call from you to confirm whether they had received your request.

    So, whether or not you're still under contract, you end up paying Core a good 28 days worth of hard-earned ... even if you're no longer in the state of Victoria to use the gym.

    The staff who gave me the form to sign (as I did yesterday) could not explain why the 28 days, the personal confirmation by the management, were all required - terms which make it excessively difficult for a consumer to cancel. staff said it was "stupid" and "didn't understand".

    Considering the often maligned Fitness First has pulled up its socks majorly and now accepts cancellation requests by email, with only a fourteen-day turnaround ----- Core Health Club, you are WAY behind the rest of the industry. Your monopoly in Frankston, I suppose, allows you to maintain really, really unfair business practices.
    • LesleyEls Newbie 
      I agree with this as i had the same problem with staff and their attitude. When asked if I could speak to the management when i called they screened the call and said the management would call back within 72hours. Ofcourse I didnt hold my breath. Also emailed but no reply....emailed again - no reply. etc etc. There is a big staff turnover at this club. I had joined on a 7 day free pass and signed up for a month to month which turned out to be longer as per the dubious contract. I cancelled the membership a month later and signed a form to exit the contract and they continued to debit my account. Do not sign anything with this club. Ever. Its now in the hands of consumer lawyers. Core you have just scored a zero where it comes to fitness clubs.



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