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Newtown, NSW
Open today - 3:00 pm - 12:00 am
Mon Closed
Tue 3:00 pm - 12:00 am
Wed 3:00 pm - 12:00 am
Thu 3:00 pm - 12:00 am
Fri 3:00 pm - 12:00 am
Sat 3:00 pm - 12:00 am
Sun 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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Reviews of Corridor

  • funky little wine bar in newtown, this place is an old squeeze mixed with new romance. perfect for a catch up with a friend or pre/post dinner drinks to melt into the night.
  • KamenRiderBlack Local Star 119 reviews
    This place is totally my new hang.

    Reasons I love the corridor:
    The staff first off. Everyone who works here is always lovely and VERY professional - they're always happy to give you a good recommendation or offer to put a personal spin on your favorite bev. Mucho love here.
    The downstairs is a little tight but its cool if you're just having a couple of catch up chugs or having a thirst break on ya first date (yes, that was totally supposed to rhyme. it's a thing. "if you don't know then ya know..." - biggie smalls)
    Upstairs is ultra chill.
    There's still a smoking area outdoors with a lot of oxygen and enough seating to accommodate your mates, you know? soothe your crew? kick back your pack? etc.etc.
    Then you got the performance area which is straight chill. Got these comfy arm chairs, tables with stools, wall stools so you can see awesome locals provide some vocals (dude... i don't know what's up with me today and these rhymes either. just go with it.)
    Price-wise, this place is sweet too. Same as everywhere else on King Street pretty much.

    "But Cameron," you ask, "what's the VIBE, man??"
    Well, I guess it's kinda older peeps generally.
    Think like... date vibes for over 25's or like... catch ups for "hip" full-time workers, ya know?
    like, something about it just says "come in and stop putting up with being a responsible adult for a few hours". under 25's don't need that.

    Down sides:
    Only downside is the size, really. like... its a bit tight and the bathroom sitch is a bit of a (rhyme).
    but that's the only downside, really.

    Anyway, go there. spend money. It's a seriously cool place.
  • Small, cosy and a great selection of drinks - with an amazing vibe and great live gigs! Perfect night out.
  • Really cute bar on King Street. Nice break from the bigger venues like Zanzibar. Would make an awesome date spot.
  • Good spot for espresso martinis and to watch the world go by down King St. Always great bands playing upstairs.
  • Nice, relaxed vibe. Small and cosy. I haven't eaten there but they have an excellent drinks selection and a great weekday happy hour offer. #reviewtowin
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  • Such a nice small bar! Great service and cocktails, only thing is I wish they had Sangria. Great if you're looking for a chilled place to go for a few drinks.
  • Cocktail never disappoints!
  • Group of 10 friends at Corridor on the upstairs deck with a warm breeze .... excellent small bar, love the upstairs deck but also love the street view downstairs bar ..... we had some of the best cocktails this side of Surry Hills .... after many a fine drink when we decided it a good idea to order up some food from the lip smacking menu, the kitchen were so obliging especially given it was so late in the piece, and we were certainly not disappointed .... great food accompanied by great service. Definately on the "Top 5 Places to hit in Newtown" list ....
  • The first night we ever went to Corridor, just a few weeks after it first opened, the staff were having a hell of a time. Half of the kitchen staff had called in sick, some staff were covering others jobs, glasses werent being washed fast enough and some were broken in the chaos. Despite all this, we had a great evening. The staff were great under pressure. One of the bar staff (who seemed to be running the show so possibly a manager) apologised profusely when she had to put our white wine bottle in a bucket from the kitchen as all the proper ice buckets were being used and apologised again when she had to give us champagne glasses for our white wine as they had run out. As a gesture they gave us our bottle of wine on the house which of course, in time, encouraged us to buy another. We also ordered the mezze plate and the cheese platter which were very generous servings and absolutely delicious. Since that time of course, things are running much more smoothly at Corridor and I have popped in there for a cocktail or a nice glass of pinot gris with several different friends. The layout is of a cool, small Melbourne style bar with the bar running down the left hand side and just enough room to walk by those waiting at the bar. Upstairs there is a lounge area overlooking King Street, reminiscent of Madame Fling Flong, and a nice decked area out the back which is lovely to spend time on on a breezy summer evening. The only negative is that sometimes the smoke can be a little overwhelming, especially if youre having food as it is quite a confined area. Overall though, great atmosphere, great drinks, great food.
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