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Reviews of Corrie St Seafood

  • In all honesty, I love this fish and chip shop. Im just a 10 minute walk away from the place and i always take my 2year old son (who always make a mess of the place:S) there for the occasional hot chips and pluto pup :) but I always seem to get 5 nuggets and some dim sims extra ??? I mean who doesnt love FREE THINGS !!!! I love them XD
  • Awesome experience - the girls there had exceptional customer service always say hello Matty - calamari is best i have had in about 15 years and I have recommended the place to many people. They always have a dim sim for my son. I forgot to order his dim sim the other day and they had automatically added it for me realising I'd forgotten - A++++++!
  • First time at corrie st and the food is awesome, loved the fries best ever and battered mussels unbelievable!! And the staff well what can i say GREAT service Always with a SMILE!!
  • I have been going here for three years since I moved to the area. My father in law raved about these guys and their burgers. Initially they amazed me but as I got used to them they kind of didn't seem as good - I think the initial wow had worn off.
    I looked up their phone number tonight to place and order and saw on here that they have changed management. I rang and placed my order and all seemed the same. Upon arriving the shop looked the same - just new friendly staff serving.
    My burger was sensational and the serving of calamari and chips was more generous than usual.
    Definitely keeping the tradition alive!
  • Went to Corrie St for dinner and spoke with the crew there. They are lovely and said that they hadn't changed anything from the previous owners. I've been coming to Corrie St for years and the food is much better then before. More for your money and the burgers, Oh my goodness the burgers are the best!!! Not sure what others are on about, they must be the old owners hahaha
  • So first time in the shop since the change in ownership. Service just isn't as good as it used to be. Food was average.
  • Ru kidding. Food here was gr8. Cant wait to go back. Staff knew their stuff 2.
  • I've been to plenty of fish and chip shops and this one rates with the best. Don't know what all the fuss is about worrying about the new owners. They've obviously been involved in takeaway food shops before because my fish, chips and calamari was fantastic last Saturday. It was so good I stopped on the way home from Chermside on Sunday night for a brilliant burger. Top marks, folks!!!
  • Knowing the old owners very well, I was a little concerned when I heard that management of the shop was being taken over.
    I went in on Saturday night for dinner and I can happily say that my fish & chips tasted equally as good and the service was great also. I'm so happy the quality hasn't changed because this is the only good fish & chip shop in our area.
    Keep up the good work new team.
  • Hubby found out last week that the management had sold. We were devastated. We didn't know when the take over was happening, and we disappointingly found out today. The serve of food we got was terrible and the potato scallop's batter tasted like the batter of the apple pie. The same smell and everything. Now we've got to find another place to get good fish and chips. So sad that we've lost the best one in our area. They charge the same, but, the amount you get is dismal. Maybe they'll improve as they go along.
    • I think you should give them another go. I've spoken to the new owners and they haven't changed a single thing. If anything, they've made it better

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