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Chermside, QLD
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Sale and hire of CPAP supplies.

CPAP direct is a business that provides sales, support and service for products relating to obstructive sleep apnea. Affordable discounted prices. After hours and weekend service. All leading brands CPAP machines/masks. Hire and rental plans available.
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Flexible Hours by Appointment
Fisher and Paykel Mallinckrodt Resmed Respironics
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Reviews of CPAP Direct

  • Awesome service! Staff were so helpful and willing to take the time to answer all my silly questions. Prices were so cheap compared to other places. Definitely recommended.
  • Don't shop here! I went to this store when the power cord on my cpap started sparking. I told them there was a recall on the machine, and I had been advised to take it to a store for replacement. Cpap direct sold me a new cord (they gave me a discount), so they didn't have to do the paperwork. The machine CAUGHT ON FIRE that night!!!!! They should have checked the recall details, they needed to send the machine back for a replacement!!
  • I was truly impressed with the service at CPAP Direct Chermside. The staff there was so helpful and accommodating, the amount of support offered was incredible. I couldn't find a cheaper price anywhere for my Resmed S9 Auto machine that anyone could match. I have been using CPAP for the past 11 years and have never received such good service as I did here. 100% recommend to anyone!!!
  • Hired a machine for a period and during the night, it fell from the night stand despite being strapped down with a belt.This allowed water to enter the machine and when I took it back was abused and told to get out by a management staff.Plenty of other places to hire from with a pleasant attitude.
  • Spudy 194 reviews
    Sleeping with ease at night now as I picked up my ResMed S9 Elite with Humidifier c/w a Fisher & Paykel Simplus full face mask this week :-) housemates are happy as there's no more loud snoring in the house. Lauren at CPAP Direct in Chermside Qld done me an awesome deal on the complete package even with a 5yr warranty & no other CPAP place could match their price which was $200 cheaper! I'm stoked :-P

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