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Craigie, WA
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Reviews of Craigie Medical & Dental Centre

  • Visited Craigie Health Centre on the recommendation of a family member who thought the medical problem I had needed addressing more urgently than to be waiting for an available appointment at the GP Practice I would normally attend.
    The GPs were extremely busy, so I felt very LUCKY that I would be seen that same day ......Four doctors available and a surgery full of patients - they were working flat-out! The Receptionist was probably the NICEST and most EFFICIENT it has been my good fortune to meet......& in my time of 75 years I have met more than a few 'dragons' :o) Obvious that the GPs are working to capacity - we should remember that they are also human & get tired and jaded with the constant flow of patients all presenting with various medical problems. I was seen, examined, given a 'script and X-rayed, with the advice to come back in 24 hours for X-ray result - where can a person get better service than that? We should consider ourselves very lucky indeed to have this Medical Centre - & for those of you who are dissatisfied, maybe a spell in a third world country where the people struggle for any kind of medical services would change your opinions.
  • worst doctors ever, go in to get results from a test you have that show nothing but the problem still has not gone away, to be told just go home and take Panadol and you will be right in and out 30 seconds with no answers. this has happened with 4 doctors down there, complete waste of time just save the headaches and go to a real doctor who will care. never going back there
  • An extremely poor level of service by three doctors I have seen at this practice!!!
    By the time you sit down they are walking you out the door...I would only ever use this practice to get a blood tests done as they bulk bill but any concerns take them to a real doctor. The three of them couldn't care less!!!
  • It really depends what doctor you get. Some Drs excellent, there is also a good looking doctor who is often on on weekends who is really nice. I would give Craigie Medical 5 stars on the basis of these doctors alone. However, not all the doctors are as nice. You really need to know the doctors by name and tell the reception staff which ones you are happy to see, it is the only way to ensure a good experience. And unfortunately the only way to find out who is decent and who isn't is by trying them... therein lies the problem.
  • Excellent service, very child friendly doctors. Seen quickly and efficiently. Would recommend to anyone.
  • Fantastic service :) HIGHLY RECOMMENED Dr Prosper Kokoricha he is so caring and very friendly. Excellent skills and was fantastic with our little girl :) thankyou x
  • Waited less than 5 minutes to see a doctor. The doctor was fantastic with my young son. Very clean & new facilities. Great receptionist and doctor. Very very happy.
  • Very friendly receptionist working on today's public holiday. Not bad for a free clinic doctors can be pretty rude but if you just need a script or meds it's fine.
  • Worst Dr I have ever seen, extremely rude and forget asking any questions when they had told you what's wrong. I thought Dr's were meant to answer your questions but not the one I saw. My girls were extremely upset when we left. Never going back and would rather pay for a Dr who can give you the advise you need and is happy to help, would rather pay for that any day.
  • I have just got back from a visit to Craigie Medical Centre at 7.30pm on a Saturday night, expecting the worst. I was so pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a very welcoming receptionist who was so kind and lovely to my 5 year daughter who I suspected has fractured her arm. We (and I think this was lucky too) saw the Doctor 4 minutes later and he confrimed my suspicions and referred us to Joondalup or PMH for Xray. We were lucky there too- no waiting for Triage, clerk or emergency Nurse; Had to wait 10 mins for Emerg Dr who fixed her dislocated arm within 2 minutes and we went home....

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