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  • TheWilliams Newbie   1 review
    It really depends what doctor you get. Some Drs excellent, there is also a good looking doctor who is often on on weekends who is really nice. I would give Craigie Medical 5 stars on the basis of these doctors alone. However, not all the doctors are as nice. You really need to know the doctors by name and tell the reception staff which ones you are happy to see, it is the only way to ensure a good experience. And unfortunately the only way to find out who is decent and who isn't is by trying them... therein lies the problem.

    1 month ago - 06/11/2014

  • Lucy Fletc Newbie   1 review
    Excellent service, very child friendly doctors. Seen quickly and efficiently. Would recommend to anyone.
  • ezmorgan Newbie   1 review
    Fantastic service :) HIGHLY RECOMMENED Dr Prosper Kokoricha he is so caring and very friendly. Excellent skills and was fantastic with our little girl :) thankyou x
  • ChristyD Newbie   2 reviews
    Waited less than 5 minutes to see a doctor. The doctor was fantastic with my young son. Very clean & new facilities. Great receptionist and doctor. Very very happy.
  • staceee   3 reviews
    Very friendly receptionist working on today's public holiday. Not bad for a free clinic doctors can be pretty rude but if you just need a script or meds it's fine.
  • Aussie72 Newbie   1 review
    Worst Dr I have ever seen, extremely rude and forget asking any questions when they had told you what's wrong. I thought Dr's were meant to answer your questions but not the one I saw. My girls were extremely upset when we left. Never going back and would rather pay for a Dr who can give you the advise you need and is happy to help, would rather pay for that any day.
  • jules8871 Newbie   1 review
    I have just got back from a visit to Craigie Medical Centre at 7.30pm on a Saturday night, expecting the worst. I was so pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a very welcoming receptionist who was so kind and lovely to my 5 year daughter who I suspected has fractured her arm. We (and I think this was lucky too) saw the Doctor 4 minutes later and he confrimed my suspicions and referred us to Joondalup or PMH for Xray. We were lucky there too- no waiting for Triage, clerk or emergency Nurse; Had to wait 10 mins for Emerg Dr who fixed her dislocated arm within 2 minutes and we went home....

    9 months ago - 23/02/2014

  • Magnona Newbie   1 review
    I've been attending this medical centre since it opened. Most of the receptionist are extremely rude. I only attend now if 'my' doctor is working. Otherwise I'm going elsewhere.

    10 months ago - 18/02/2014

  • EilaB Newbie   1 review
    My husband and I have been attending this centre now for 3 years and are very happy with the service. You will miss out if you want a particular doctor and they have already worked the maximum load. However, if it's urgent you can see another doctor. If it's not urgent, why not ring ahead of a visit and ask if it's likely that your chosen doctor would be able to see you? In many other Doctors' surgeries you can't get an appointment for days. Here, if your prepared to wait, you can get to see a doctor much quicker.

    Yes, it's true that they do not phone results. It's the same for everyone and can cause extra trips if the results have not arrived, as has happened to us. As their policy is that only the doctor gives you the results, and only in person, at least you can be quite confident that you got the right results and they are kept confidential.

    For a clinic that only charges the Medicare fee, I'm surprised how well run it is and how friendly I have found the staff at such a busy and not exclusive centre.

    10 months ago - 29/01/2014

  • Janis Fowler Newbie   1 review

    I went to this medical centre on Tuesday with a really bad cold and was told I had bronchitis and given antibiotics and told to come back on Wednesday if I was feeling no better, the medical centre advertises it is open until 10 o\'clock every night. I went back at 8 the next night only to be told the doctors had seen there quota that day and were not seeing any more patients. I can understand that Medicare will only let doctors see a maximum of 60 patients per day but why advertise that you can see a doctor up until 10 o\'clock at night just doesn\'t make sense, what a waste of time and petrol. I went back at 6.45 the next morning only to wait for the medical centre to open and have 14 people also waiting in front of me\", there were probably turned away the night before as well. I waited 1 hour and twenty minutes to see a doctor who sent me for an x ray as as this doctor thought I may have pneumonia they told me to tell the reception staff i would be back at 1 o\'clock for the results. I went back to the centre as instructed at 12.55. I asked the reception staff how many people were waiting and they told me 17 but there were 4 doctors on duty. I explained I was told to come back at this time for my x ray results. I took a seat and waited and waited and waited. One hour after I approached the reception staff and asked how many people were in fact in front of me, they told me 8. I had counted 5 patients my doctor had already seen and was now on his 6th. 9 patients had also been called by other doctors so how did I have 8 people in front of me wanting to see my doctor??????? it is my believe the staff forgot to put my name on the list as they were busy answering two phones and trying to do six jobs at once. I asked them if the doctor could ring me with the results and was told a positive NO so I walked out. I do not believe i am a special person I don\'t think I am any better than any one else I don\'t feel I should be given priority but I do feel that as i had been to see the doctor that morning already waited then maybe just maybe i could have been given a little bit of consideration. This medical centre is a waste of time. I will not be returning and I will never ever recommend anyone to even think about going here. You would be quicker going to the emergency department at any hospital in Perth. I wasted almost 3 hours today waiting x-raying waiting waiting waiting and I only got to see a doctor for 5 minutes at the most. I would rather pay to see a doctor than be treated like this. If anyone from the medical centre would like to call me and maybe apologise and give me my results please check your records for today and see who walked out. JF 10\/10\/13
    • Jordyn Str Newbie 
      I had a simular issue today, I'm 23 weeks pregnant and was told to go in about my appendix and when I got there I got told no come back tomorrow, this doctors surgery has been great until this



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