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Criniti's Castle Hill

Castle Hill, NSW
Open today - 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Mon 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Tue 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Wed 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Thu 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sat 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sun 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Crinitis Castle Hill officially opened in November 2011. The Matthew Darwin designed space includes spacious dining area for 350+ customers spread over 2 levels with a sophisticated mix of banquets and chairs to complement the rustic decor. A Lamborghini engine is suspended from the domed ceiling on the second floor, while the pizza bar is completely finished with copper. 

Famous for its passion for authentic Italian food and culture as well as exceptional service, Crinitis specializes in traditional Southern Italian cuisine, resurrecting an art of food that is rarely seen today in even the oldest of Italian homes.

The menu concentrates on the many regions of southern Italy and how the landscape and climate influence certain cuisines. Our passionate head chef leads a team driven to seek excellence. "Our philosophy is to seek the best ingredients, produced by like minded suppliers with consistency and sustainability and most importantly quality in mind. Keeping in mind the most traditional Italian techniques and pushing boundaries without fear of innovation".
Also, a first for Sydneysiders, Crinitis Pantry is located within the restaurant. Crinitis Pantry is a contemporary Italian pasticceria baking traditional and innovative Italian-inspired pastries, cakes and biscotti. The famous Crinitis antipasti ingredients, including the homemade salami, are also available to purchase.
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Bookings Functions Indoor Dining Banquet Alfresco Outdoor Seating A-la-carte Take-Away Eat-in Corporate Dining Private Room


Italian Pizza/Wood Fired Pizza

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Reviews of Criniti's Castle Hill

  • The food here is not too bad depending on what you order but I don't understand the hype behind them. The place is always packed but I don't think it's THE place for Italian in the area as there are much better places in the area. Their antipasto platter is great value to share over drinks.
  • They charge a service fee! The food here is consistently good but the prices are really high. Looking at the bill we noticed we were charged an additional 10% service fee on top of the meal price which is why the total bill is always higher than expected. Service can be hit or miss and it is very very noisy. On a Sat night as a couple, we were shoved in the corner behind a big party group. Good for a big party, not for a nice quiet dinner.
  • We went their last night being a Friday we booked a table for 2, when we arrived we were seated promptly after waiting for attention for some time. We ordered 2 cokes and the zucchini flowers to start, the dish was average as the stuffing was bland, runny ricotta (I\'ve made it better myself). We ordered the Roles Royce of the menu to really test this place out - The Seafood Platter for 2. It came quick but the mussels came quite some time later in a separate dish. Immediately I thought \'oh no\' it was on a 2 tier platter and I couldn\'t even see the top of it, everything was a mess nothing made any sense, there was repeat on each level of the same thing. The large metal skewers were impractical so I didn\'t bother trying to rip of the seafood like a caveman using the tiny amount of space that was left on the table to actually eat the food! No chips, no salad, no side sauces, no fried seafood, just a big marinated, overcooked jumble that was ALL cold by the way. The lobster mornay was freezing cold. Huge disappointment. The service was up to par so I gave it one star however it doesn\'t make up for realllly bad food. They packed most of it up in a bag because we were struggling to eat the cold mess. We planned to try a dessert so we got a ricotta cheesecake to go, it was fine but the brandied cream was too strong.
    Overall this place needs a reality check, seems as soon as places focus on the marketing the food drops. If this is their most expensive thing I would expect it to be the bees knees. We\'ve had a better seafood platter for $40 no kidding! So for a $200 bill I can tell you the place is worth skipping. Nothing fancy here except the PR. Save your money guys!
  • Table for four..Saturday night 6pm booked. We found the service to be excellent, staff we lovely and attentive. Food was generally very good. All entrees we excellent and generous. Mains all nice enough although one had pasta and it wasn't cooked enough. Over priced but we knew that going there.
  • ANDRE7S Local Star 27 reviews
    Decided to go here as it'd had been some time since we last dined there. Between two people, a bruschetta entree, two entree sized pasta dishes and two soft drinks set us back just over $70. For what you're paying, there are plenty of other Italian restaurants in the area where you'll pay less and get more for your money. The gnocchi gorgonzola was nice but I had a sausage pasta which was very oily and the sausage meat quite tough and flavourless. Best to go there on a weeknight as Friday & Saturday nights you will wait even if you booked a table in advance.
  • My last experience at criniti's castle hill a few weeks back was disappointing. the service was rushed and inattentive, perhaps given the place was very busy and the food itself wasn't to the high standard i remembered before. the atmosphere however it beautiful and the restaurant is very well decorated.
  • I love there menu, pretty pricey however nice for a treat.
  • Would never go back - way too expensive for what it was. Food was nothing special and the service was a joke. We took an overseas visitor there and were embarrassed by our poor choice. This establishment is pretentious and needs a reality check.
  • I dined there recently and had to deal with very slow customer service. Waited 2 hours for our meals on a weeknight when the restaurant wasn't busy. Food was ok at best & not worth the wait, I don't recommend them.
  • Ate there on a Sunday and was charged 10% surcharge on top of the bill. Menu is expensive. Will never eat there again, absolute joke!
  • Took the family there first time on sat night. Even though we made a booking, was asked to wait "a few minutes" in the bar. One hour later we were seated. It was so dark we needed to ask for a light to read the menu. It was so noisy we had to yell at each other to be heard. Entree arrived promptly and was great. Sadly thats when the bad service really kicked in. Waited over an hour for main courses. Frankly they could be described as average at best. Getting drinks brought to us was an epic. A simple coke & water never arrived. At one stage it took over 20 minutes just to get the attention of one of the passing waiters.
    Summary: very bad service, average to poor food, too loud, too dark, and double the price.
  • We went to Crinitis at Castle Hill because it was a hot night and our local restaurants are all alfresco. This was a BIG mistake. The airconditioning in there is non existent, and the kitchen is right next to the tables, so the heat was coming straight out into the restaurant. It must have been 35 degrees in there, if not more. The menu has way too many options and since the names are all in Italian, we had to read every description rather than just being able to skim it. The children's pizza was as large as a normal one, which was completely impractical for a seven year old. The steak and ribs were quite small and didn't come with anything on the side which was not explained when it was ordered, and it was served on a chopping board which wasn't pleasant. The lamb salad was mostly rocket leaves, and the Frank Sinatra pasta had too much chilli in it. The music had obviously been chosen by a younger member of staff and did not suit the atmosphere of the place at all. In the end, we concluded that Crinitis is just too much - too much noise, too much heat, and too much money for what you got. We took our party elsewhere for coffee and desserts, and will not be returning.
  • Too expensive, especially since food is very basic, The pizzas are quite blend, soggy and don't have too much flavor, not what I would call a "true Italian pizza" as for the mains none are real traditional Italian dishes . The service is very poor and disorganized, they mix up most of the order between tables and it took one hour between serving the entree and mains.
    Save your money, wouldn't recommend to anyone.
  • Just finished dinner again at Crinitis, we have been to Parramatta and Castle hill. It's my favourite restaurant, lashings of seafood with amazing flavour. Absolutely love the garlic, rosemary, olive oil pizza crust to start, or the garlic mozzarella crust, everything looks fab, and the one thing u can't beat is the atmosphere. We've always had amazing service, yes it's not cheap but we don't go every week. Tonight it cost us both $150 for pizza crust to start, large seafood dishes, wine and coffee. Really impressed.
  • Too expensive, especially since food is very basic, quite blend and doesn't have too much flavour, service very poor and they'd most likely mix up your order.
    Wouldn't recommend to anyone.
  • We went to the Castle Hill Crinitis on a Thursday night and it wasnt that busy, we didnt make a reservation and the look on the staffs face when we asked for a table made me feel like we had no chance of getting a table even though they were not busy.
    The food was ok, a little over priced for overly salted pasta. I think they are more focused on quantity because neither myself or my boyfriend who usually eats quite a bit could finish our meals.
    At the end of the meal we paid and waited for our change as we were not going to leave a $40 tip but had to repeatedly ask for the change back as they had just accepted it as a tip.
    Maybe we made some bad meal choices as their menu is very extensive but I wasnt that impressed.
  • Highly recommend
  • Great wide ranging menu of interesting tastes. Can get busy, impacting the staffs performance. Good price for what you get so good step up from a cafe or for a large group. Been there a couple of times and we always enjoy it.
  • Bad service, poor choice in staff, over priced for castle hill, lack of attention. Bring back trellinis!
  • It was such a disappointing and embarrassing experience. We had some guests who arrived from overseas to Australia for the first time and wanted to take them out for a special dinner. All started off well and the staff took our order. We asked for all our food to come out together. we received part of the meal and then waited nearly one hour for the rest despite asking 4 times to get info about how much longer our food would be. It was so difficult to get any staffs attention. When our BBQ platter finally arrived, the meat was cold, the steak was cooked med-rare instead of the med-well done that we asked for and it had chicken on it which we had specifically asked NOT to be on there. We were starving by this stage and as we were so embarrassed for our guests we ate. I pointed all this out to the Management who listened but only offered a very shallow "sorry about that". From the time we received our food until I walked up to the cashier to pay, no one approached our table. No further drinks were offered. we were ready for a big night with our guests and would have ordered further but no one seemed interested. I just paid and we took our custom somewhere else for dessert and further drinks. We will never go back and would never recommend Criniti's to anyone else. so disappointing.

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