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Burwood, VIC
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Reviews of Cromwood Auto Service

  • Wen't out of my way to get here (difficult to reach) due to some positive reviews I read. Ended up being a very expensive oil change (over 250). Booked 10 days in advance and was told they "didn't have time" to look at the main concern I had as well.
  • Ross and his team did an awesome job on my 99wrx, saved me over $700. Sti docklands quoted me for the same things to be fixed over 2k, Ross did it all for just over 1k and my cars running better than when Sti were servicing it. AAAAA+++++
  • Great price, Ross is very knowledgeable and helpful. Unfortunately whenever his apprentices worked on my car, it always caused issues. Screwdriver left in the engine bay. A vac line pulled off after being worked next to, caused car to run lean for a day, until I found the problem. Another visit - my air filter wasn't closed properly, and the air was bypassing the air filter all the way home, until I decided to check under the hood.

    Overall good service, my suggestion would be - always check the work...I've since gone somewhere else.
  • I took my car to Cromwood Auto from some online reviews and recommendations. When I got it back it all seemed well, and drove back home, then I get a call from Ross. He said he found an oil cap on the bench and asked if it was mine, i popped my hood and there was engine oil splattered all over my engine bay. I had lost a bit of engine oil also. I drove back to pick up my oil cap and realised another guy had worked on my car. He just handed it back to me with a smirk on his face. No apology no nothing. I was quite pee'd off that I had to drive all the way back (30min drive) to pick up my oil cap, a simple sorry would have been nice.

    This is the reason why I prefer to service the car myself because some workshops are just sloppy. I was forced to take my car to Cromwood to service, due to keeping my new car warranty but I definitely won't be taking it back again!
  • Not only did Ross fix a problem that another place couldn't solve with 3 tries, he did so for a very reasonable price and was happy to answer my questions and explain exactly what had failed and been done to fix it. The work was also completed very quickly (same day), even though I'd said that I was in no hurry and a few days would be no problem.

    I will definitely be taking my car here in future.
  • Excellent mechanics. Attention to detail without the high price. Courteous, reliable old fashioned service. Would not take my car anywhere else!
  • I had a problem with my radio (Impreza '08). Subaru told me I should replace an electrical part at a cost upwards of $700. To boot they were not sure if it would definitely fix the problem. I sought a second opinion from another mechanic and he said he had no idea, go find a Subaru mechanic. I read the reviews below and decided to try Cromwood Auto which is a long way from where I live.

    Ross found the problem (completely unrelated to the expensive part suggested by Subaru) which has saved me at least $600. Seriously, go see this guy if you own a Subaru and have problems that need a knowledgeable mechanic! I will never take my car anywhere else now.
  • Very good mechanic fixed timing belt, components, valve cover gaskets and general service on my Subaru impreza RX at very reasonable rates. Great service impossible to find honest mechanic like Ross.
  • Ross recently replaced the clutch our Outback. We had the car towed there because the clutch had failed. Ross diagnosed the problem and the called us to explain the situation and told us the worst case and what that would cost which was very reasonable.

    The car was ready when he promised and when I picked it up he showed me the old clutch and how worn it was and also showed me how it failed. He also took the time to show me a single and dual mass clutch and explain the difference.

    Highly recommend Cromwood Auto as a quality mechanic with fair pricing.
  • Really impressed with Cromwood Auto. I called with a braking issue on my 2005 WRX that a brake specialist had failed to diagnose correctly and wanted to charge me $1,000+ to "probably" fix it, he wanted to replace a perfectly functioning component. Spoke with Ross@Cromwell, he diagnosed correctly by my description, went in 2 days later and they fixed it for less than $150. These guys are honest, skilled and experienced - I will head there for any servicing or fixing in the future. I can't recommend this these mechanics highly enough!
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