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  • tazzyian Newbie   1 review
    Hi. Save your money. There are better car washes around. Had my car washed here two years ago and vowed I would never go back. In a hurry today, in the area, and thought I would give them another chance. Have an old Commodore wagon, The staff talked me into the $55.00 car wash for $50.00, instead of the $42.00 one. I checked the car after arriving home, the mat under my feet still had sand in it, dust all over the dashboard, and sand still on the floor.and in the wagon area, very dirty still. This time, never again. I'll be going back to other shop where they do a much better job, at a much cheaper price!!!

    4 months ago - 03/11/2014

  • zayedzamir Newbie   1 review
    worst car wash you can have possibly in your life. this morning i went there and paid 50 dollar to get a decent service. they did the wash with total negligence... after finishing their job, i found the boot was undone, inside & outside was cleaned partially...... people will not pay 50 dollar to get a bad car wash..isnt it? .i can do a even better wash.. they are prone to upgrade their service.... only good thing is their coffee was nice and their couch was very comfortable. Just think you are gonna pay 50 dollar for this service?

    7 months ago - 27/07/2014

  • Jennadavies   6 reviews
    This is a perfectly good car wash. It's the best in one in the south. I love watching someone else clean my car and having a coffee while I wait. They always do a tremendous job. I couldn't care less about the price either. I'm happy someone else is vacuuming the care. It's fairly priced anyway. This is the place to go for a wash.
  • rodvalsyd Newbie   1 review
    I've had many bad experiences at this place and kept on coming back... this morning was the last time. You get there and are greeted by the grumpiest person, you tell staff what you want and will not move, hanging staff's body over your door, then starts offering additional services, which would be fine (they need to do that as part of their job). then you tell them you really only want the basic wash ($55!!!), from this moment onward staff manage to be even grumpier, does not say an extra word, gives you the ticket to pay, slams your car's door and drives away. This behaviour has repeated every single time I went to this place. Then you go to the counter to pay and collect your "free" coffee, only to be mistreated again, not sure if they don't want to give away that "free" coffee. When the time comes to pick up your car, there will be many spots where they haven't cleaned / wiped properly, wheels are the worst! I know what you are thinking, why you keep on going back.. beats me! It's a very expensive car wash for you to be treated that way, do all of us a favour, don't go!
  • Manly girl2 Newbie   1 review
    Terrible service! I went this morning to get my car washed before work, have been greeted with a grumpy attitude. Sitting for over 30min and feel I made the worst decision to spent my money in this carwash. The 55 Dollar service is definitely not recommendable and I definitely won't be back!!
    • rodvalsyd Newbie 
      I've had the same (and worse) experience over and over again, never more!


  • Sian Arkin   2 reviews
    This is the best in Sydney and certainly the northern beaches. Crystal delivers! I have tried a few others around brookie and although they may promise, delivery is a different matter. I would not use anyone else having experience crystal. So friendly and super profesional these guys are really a hands on business. They know cars and treat your car with utmost respect. Even got a free coffee and newspaper. Def be back.
  • mooloo69   2 reviews
    Had I read the reviews I may not have gone to this place. I am pleased that I did not read the reviews. I found the staff to be wonderful. The workmanship perfect and they conducted the wash of my car with professionalism. I went in the the dirtiest Ford Falcon Longreach today and it came out the cleanest I've ever seen. I will be returning.
  • keliig Newbie   1 review
    I mistakenly returned to this particular carwash last weekend and remembered why I said I would never come back! These guys do not car about their product of cleaning cars what so ever! Both times I have been here my car is less than satisfactory! Last weekend I asked how much to have the interior only cleaned as it was raining outside and pointless to do the whole package. I asked for vacuum and everything to be wiped down etc. Car was returned 25 minutes later with just a vacuum and hardly a good one. I asked nicely if someone could please wipe it down... dashboard had no been touched nor the windows. It's $55 for the entire package... I paid $30 just for a vacuum! They ignored me, and another who already looked over worked to come over and do it. I felt bad for that staff and grabbed a wipe to help that staff. This is certainly not a place where money is well spent. Go somewhere else!
  • wertyu Newbie   1 review
    What a joke. Overcast Tuesday and no cars there. I pulled in and asked if it would definitely be ready in 40 minutes or less? "yes yes no problem for you." After watching the car come around from the basic wash and vacuum and sit there for 25 minutes whilst 4 staff just hung around, I got in and drove away after 50 minutes total. What a joke. Back to eco wash for me......
  • Daniel Kwon Local Star   561 reviews
    My car looks at its best thanks to these people. Drive through and watch your car come out a new car!

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