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  • JaxJ Newbie   1 review
    I cant thank Joe enough at Curzon for everything he did to make my son and daughter in laws wedding a night to remember. They delivered on everything they promised and Joe was even there on the evening to give it a personal touch - a true sign of professionalism.

    1 week ago - 20/03/2015

  • sonconnely83 Newbie   1 review
    1 word to describe Curzon Hall... Amazing! I can't tell you just how truly amazing it was for my husband and I to celebrate our wedding there. Everyone was so accommodating! Each staff member knew us by name and offered great suggestions, support and ideas for a beautiful event, they warmly greeted us and welcomed us everytime we visited the venue for appointments . The Lady Mary's Pavilion was the room we had our wedding in, it was a beautiful and spacious ballroom with a beautiful scenic view. It was truly breathtaking and don't get me started on the food! Our guests couldn't get enough! Very delicious! Everything was perfect! I couldn't ask for a better way to start off our marriage

    Thank you to the entire staff at Curzon Hall for making our wedding memorable one!

    9 months ago - 25/06/2014

  • dansa Newbie   1 review
    The venue is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I was so excited to celebrate my special day at the castle. Until i met this staff thats when it all went downhill. This person was so not understanding, not helpful or accommodative. The two meeting that I had with them they left me crying on my way out, the whole experience was awful. When I spoke to the sales person initially and agreed on, was not what I had received. We paid just under $50,000 for our wedding and you would think they would do what ever it takes to try and meet us half way on certain areas. It felt like they were doing me a favour to have the wedding there. I had my engagement at the back of the pub and let me tell you the service was far more superior than Curzon Hall. So after we paid 50k I assumed the night would at least go smoothly, I was wrong! First of all there was no event coordinator on the night directing my guests to their seats, then 10guest had no seats as their names were not printed on the list that I supplied. When I supplied the final list and wanted to amend 2 people one day later they said no its to late you have to pay for them.
    On the day the bridal table was looked after but overall it was such a horrible experience! I would think twice before booking there, or maybe deal with someone else rather than them!

    10 months ago - 27/05/2014

  • timmy.t82 Newbie   1 review
    I celebrated my wedding there 2 months ago, and I couldn't have asked for a better venue. From the food to the service to the magnificent venue, my wife and I were so pleased we selected Curzon Hall. The staff were always prompt and always made time to assist with our enquires. We highly recommend Curzon Hall to any couple looking to celebrate their wedding as they will deliver a service you will 100% satisfied with.
  • R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1 Local Star   631 reviews
    My friend had her wedding reception here at the begging of the year. It is a beautiful building and the night ran smoothly. However, with multiple function rooms there are many brides... when we drove in we had to wait in the car for 15 minutes whilst other brides had their getting-out-of-the-car photos taken. They also charged for every little detail... for example quoting hundreds of dollars to move a piano into the next room...
  • Sweetunique2013   8 reviews
    Curzon Hall - be careful - bargain well.

    1. You have to play the game if you book with them as they try to flog Friday weddings off at Saturday prices - saying they have nothing left.

    2. With my wedding, I found they made my life much more stressful than it had to be. They got my guests' dietary requirements wrong repeatedly, after I sent them a list with all the numbers. Even after I individually corrected each mistake, the wedding coordinator could not be bothered to read my corrections and issued an incorrect list again. You can imagine how stressful that is a few days before the wedding!

    3. We had a very expensive wedding cake, and asked our florist to prepare an expensive and elaborate flower centrepiece for the top of the cake. Florist left it with Curzon Hall to put on our cake when it arrived- a huge floral piece left with the staff at reception, and forgot to put it on the cake. No apologies - nothing. They just couldn't be bothered to notice the massive flower arrangement right on the desk. We only found out what happened after we came back from the honeymoon.

    4. The same wedding coordinator tried to stop me from accessing my own garden ceremony area prior to my garden ceremony for photos, claiming another bride had 'full access' to the entire grounds before her wedding in a different garden. Luckily a floor manager said that was rubbish and let us take our photos.

    5. They rudely followed my mother around to get payment on the day itself. I was appalled. Because I had complained I suspect they wanted to make sure they got full payment. Just be aware.
  • Bella.Blue Local Star   384 reviews
    After reading previous reviews I have to say I was somewhat freaking out about going to a friend's reception here. Not to mention it was on Christmas eve. While there was ample parking, in the rain there are not many covered spots to duck to in case you've gone and got your hair did. Let's face it - it's called the castle for a reason. It's spectacular in every way aesthetically, but little did we realise the inside of the given reception hall was modern and contemporary. This was a slight disappointment. Why go to all that trouble to have a vintage wedding at a vintage venue but dine in contemporary style? I dunno. I found it confusing. However, Curzon does have other rooms and I think this allows them to cater to each brides' taste. Anyway, the food was catered out-of-house but the waiters were in house so we were expecting pleasant service. The entrees came out at 7.30pm (the night started at 6.30) and at 8 we had hardly touched our food. The waiter whisked our plates away and when suggesting we keep it until the others had arrived we were rudely told dinner would be served soon (piggy - no he didn't say it with his words, but did with his eyes ;)). That was a minor issue I suppose, but a bit of a dampener as dinner was not served closer to 9.30pm.
    In terms of technology, this place has it down packed - 3 projector screens so guests don't have to crane their necks. Ambience was not really there, but I suppose neither were most of the guests so it really depends on the whole package.
    While Curzon Hall is not for me, and I don't know what the administration side of things are like, it is definitely a beautiful venue to hold a special day.
  • Stacie-lee Newbie   1 review
    my husband and i got married here in october 2012. the communication leading up to the wedding was terrible, no one will return phone calls and messages so i had to forever chase them around and still am as they overcharged us for certain items which were not requested for the day. DO NOT book the DJ through curzon as he did not play our list of music that we prepared for him, i was very upset with this as there were songs that were very meaningfull and there were points during all the different stages of the night were there was no music at all, imagine dancing on the dance floor then all of a sudden no music at all, this happend multiple times. DO NOT book the florist curzon hall uses, i have seen some work that is quite nice but he would not communicate with me, return or answer my phone calls and messages and ended up using flowers that were unagreed upon by us and that we really disliked. Also at the end of our evening our guests were disturbed as they were trying to leave, by a brawl from the other wedding going on at the time with no attempt from staff to break it up.
    So all in all if you want to be stuffed around and have a very empty wallet then please choose curzon hall.
  • BeautyLady   8 reviews
    I am really unhappy with your:
    1. Customer service
    3. Incorrect menu for my weddin
    4. You dont care about your customer just the payment

    Your staff members change more then you change your flower arrangements In the lobby and they dont talk about things they have discussed with clients before changing so you have the go over everything again and the next person wants to charge you more $
    Staff is rude and don't know how still holds job at Curzon hall - over all i would never be recommending this place to anyone not even someone i hate and dont care about. you charge an arm and leg for a piece of bad day you wrecked my wedding day i hope you are happy!!!
    • toofussy Newbie 
      I on the other hand have had the most beautiful experience at Curzon Hall.
      We were invited to a friends sisters wedding. The room, ambiance, gardens were absolutely graceful. There were other events on when we arrived, but this did not bother our party. The ushers were very helpful and had personality. We had canapes in the garden which was just a perfect start to the evening. I would highly recommend this place to anyone if you want class and style. The beauty and heritage is something unique. My husband is vegetarian and the staff when realizing that he was not eating the prepared meals, went out of their way to accommodate him. This was over and beyond customer service I thought. I would definitely recommend this place to all.


  • Aly Bear Newbie   1 review
    We held our wedding reception here in June 2011. My husband and I were worried about the costs involved, but were swayed by a winter wedding discount and by the lovely building.

    The first warning bells went off when the carpet and entire layout of the room we booked was changed without telling us. The dance floor in the upstairs room we'd booked was moved, which was partially the reason we booked in the first place. Communication was limited, with weeks going by with no return emails or contact phone calls. I had to constantly remind them of details for our wedding, there was no follow up from staff, and when we finally received our final invoice days before the wedding, we were horrified to see that they had added GST to our total - unheard of. We caused a fuss about this and were told it was an 'error', but I'd hate to see how many people didn't ask questions about this.

    We were set to arrive at Curzon Hall at 4:30pm on the wedding day - we were assured that despite other weddings being booked, entrances were staggered so that we wouldn't run into any other bridal parties. It was raining on the day, and when we arrived, there were at least TWO other bridal parties taking up the front entrance, the driveway, and the surrounding front area of the building. Staff did not manage these bridal parties, and we were left waiting around to take pictures while nobody bothered to hurry the other brides along. We weren't allowed to enter the building until another bride was finished on the steps - so we waited around under the balcony in the cold, as the light faded.

    The final straw was us walking inside to go to our booked bridal suite, only to find that it had been double booked and given to another bride. My father had to argue with management to eventually sort this out. The staff I had been dealing with were not present during the evening, so I had no point of contact.

    The deep fryers broke, so our canaps did not go out on time. The new carpet that had been laid down was spongy, and guest chairs continually fell over during the evening. Several of our special meal guests either received the wrong meal, or no meal at all. They were constantly in and out of the room, checking on other weddings.

    A cake was included in part of our package deal, however we paid extra for a non-mud-cake with fresh flowers and no fondant - this turned out to be a complete disaster. The staff had convinced me that a perfectly decorated foam cake would work best, with the sponge tiers to be served afterwards - done discreetly so that guests would not know the difference. After the cake cutting, the cake platters were brought out - but the uncut fake cut was left in clear sight of everyone. Worst of all, the cake served on the tables was MUD CAKE, with fondant and in the complete wrong flavours. We paid an extra $230 for the privilege of getting a stock standard cake.

    I will give credit where credit is due and say that the food itself was lovely. The many things that went wrong were NOT ones I expected when paying $133 per head, off peak. The attention to detail was not good enough, the day was not personalised at all, and I ended up organising most of the details myself.

    After the wedding, we complained about a variety of these things, and communication with the management is still absolutely terrible. We have been fighting tooth and nail, even going to the dept. of fair trading, and we're still dealing with inept staff months later. Be warned.

    If you're looking for a lovely building and don't care about the service or the fine details, by all means, book Curzon Hall. If you're looking for a wedding venue where YOU matter, steer clear.
    • LilyLove Newbie 
      My wedding was in January 2012 at Curzon Hall. After having attended several functions at the venue I knew it was the only place i wanted to get married. I had been to 4 functions, 1 not so much to my liking but the other 3 were fabulous.

      My night went beautifully, food was superb, staff were very helpful and the room looked spectacular. The only glitch was that on my cake platter the vanilla was replaced by caramel, but when i look back at my day is a cake flavour going to ruin it? NO!

      I look back at my photos and videos and personal memories and it was truly the most beautiful day of my life. Irreplacable, wonderful memories!

      A bride is to be princess for a day, where else is a princess to get married other than a castle?

      Curzon Hall was fantastic.



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