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Dandy Air Supplies Pty Ltd

Air Conditioning & Heating Installation
Springvale, VIC
Registration Details
  • ABN 66 057 650 192
  • ACN 057 650 192
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Reviews of Dandy Air Supplies Pty Ltd

  • Absolutely shocking. The staff on the phone was absolutely worst. We got a Brivis Heating only used for 1 week when realized it't not working OK. Needs reset every morning or when OFF for a longer time. While Brivis advised they can service it but they'll charge outcall fee. They said to get installer fix it as it's still a new install. Fair enough. But DandyAir refused at all. The words like Can't Do..NO... Can't Do..Get Brivis to fix it.. Then they realized their computer was down (or claimed it's down now). I can't do it! They were too rude! I asked Henley (builder) to call them but he got same answer.
  • Luckily unlike the other reviewers I actually have had good experiences with Dandy Air or at least their contractors! I must admit office staff are shocking in their mannerism however there has been quick responses to my issues and the service man who comes out has always been friendly and fixed the problems and explained things thoroughly.
  • Absolutely nightmare. Worst customer service I've ever faced. Staff has bad temper and I wouldn't believe staff talked so rudely over the phone.
  • Absolute rubbish don't use these guys at all. Put the entirely wrong system in my house. Don't use these guys!!!!!
  • DO NOT USE THESE GUYS!!!! Built a home with a company which has been an absolute nightmare and their sub-contractors are Dandy Air, which put in our refrigerated air con.. I have been living in my new home for just over 18 months and guess what, have not been able to have it working!!! Dandy air staffs are the most unprofessional and unreliable trades people i have come across. I have been trying to get them out here again for the last week and still waiting on issues that should have been noticed and fixed 12 months ago when they did come out. I have leaking gas and loose ducts etc etc. Absolutely awful company to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't even give them half a star!!
    • Hi I'm just wondering who the builder was? As I think I'm about to be in the exact same boat?
  • Very unprofessional people, I build with them they firstly they install wrong heating zones, 2 season heating pipe comes out from joint used cheap quality insulation tape, still have problem with unbalance distribution of heating, they refused to fix and abuse on the phone going to consumer court.
  • We built with Henley and they used Dandy Air for our heating and air conditioning. Very helpful staff, even their sub contractors were prompt and helpful. Would use again for sure!
  • Truly Awful! It took me 3 phone calls and a follow up from the builder before they would even make the appointment to commission my heater. 2 days later I had to call to say it wasn't working properly. I made an appointment with the staff looking after the warranty work and told them I couldn't wait at home for a 4 hour block (I have to work) and could they give a smaller block of time. Yes they say. They'll be there between 7 and 8am. It got to 8:30am and when I ring to find out where they are, The warranty staff who tell me they will be there before 12! Stay clear of this lot!
  • Awful company to deal with, staff at the office were helpul but thats as far as it got!

    We HAD to use this company when we had the heating/cooling commission on our new home. Tradesmen were booked in to arrive on the Thursday - after 2 phone calls - no one bothered to show up.
    When we spoke to the office - we were told that the workers drove past the house, could see that there was no gas connected and continued to drive on (funny that, seeing we'd been in the house for 2 days using the cooker and having hot showers)
    The next day they were suppose to arrive at 8am - they turned up at 3 pm. Heating worked - very simple. When it came to turning on our cooling - what a cluster ....
    After coming back down from the roof I was informed that the plumber had failed to put a water point in.... I was told that I would need to get the plumber back before they could fix it and they would come back on another day....fair enough. - Lucky for me we had a plumber already at the house who swore black and blue that they had installed it months ago...
    The plumber went up in the roof, came down and again said - yep there's a water point up there, those two don't know what they are doing...
    I rang up this company and informed them that they were to send the two workers back out as they had only just left and that they needed to finish the job...
    Ends up, the workers didn't have a length of copper pipe that they needed to complete the job - it was easier to tell me that I needed to get a plumber to return than to own up that they had come unprepared.
    Apparently they are returning on Thursday to finish the job - I'm very doubtful anyone will show up.

    If you have a choice don't bother with this company.

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