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Reviews of David Jones

  • mins Local Star 861 reviews
    I've just discovered DJ's sell me latest and greatest and most favorite jewellery brand ManiaMania. They actually have in stock at this store more than you can get online.
  • mins Local Star 861 reviews
    It's mid season sale time and the perfect time to shop here - I got sunglasses on sale for 30%.
  • mumsrite Local Star 224 reviews
    I find shopping there is a rather pleasant experience. I have so far shopped at the men's department and they have what I'm looking for within budget!

    The staff have been helpful, measuring sizes and making comparisons, etc. Just great!
  • great david jones shop. definately a good size and great staff. Sometimes I find staff at David jones to be a bit snobbish or ignore you but this shop obviously has good management. Did a bit of xmas shopping here recently and staff went above and beyond my expectations and helped me get everyhting I needed.
  • Great David Jones store here - I love popping in to grab one of my favourite brands. The staff are excellent and service is great.
  • Daniel Kwon Local Star 585 reviews
    My favourite major retailer in Warringah Mall! DJ staff are excellent, they help you find all the best things in the store. Individually devoted in customer service and they are great people!

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