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Chatswood, NSW
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Quality Without Compromise

Many of Demir's furniture are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers in Italy. Behind every beautiful piece of furniture, there lies an embedded story of high quality craftsmanship, beautiful colours and leather selection, configuration and detailing along with the quality assurance to provide complete satisfaction with your unique furniture piece.
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Reviews of Demir Leather & Furniture

  • Being rural residents, we made a day of it to travel to Demir Leather in Auburn as this is where my cousins live. We decided on a lovely white leather lounge.
    On receiving the shipment, it was a pleasure to note the quality of the packaging and the protection afforded to the contents. I'm now typing this on the comfort of my new leather lounge. Thanks Demir.
  • Very happy with my new lounge from Demir. I can't wait to invite my friends over to show it off. Thanks for the great service guys.
  • I just bought a demir lounge from auburn. The service in the office was great - my cousin bought from Demir before and had a great experience so I'm expecting the same.
  • I bought a new Demir lounge for my office. It really is as good as it gets! Very happy!
  • The Walmart of leather furniture, Demir offers a great selection of luxury leather lounges. The store is pretty amazing considering the size and offerings. They literally have everything leather lounge here. I'm very happy with my purchase and experience at Demir.
  • Absolutely terrible! We were told in April when paying the deposit for out lounge that it would arrive is 3-4 months. It is now nearly October and nothing...I have called once a week for an update since beginning of September and the staff is really rude to me! They were lovely when helping us pick the lounge and spend the extra money!
    The last update last week was that it was in customs and would be delivered in about 2 weeks :( The worst thing is, we have renovated our place and this will be the last thing to arrive - everytime people come over they ask when out lounge is coming, when the finally see it is nothing special they wont believe we waited so long!!!
    I'm going to be going over that lounge with a fine toothed comb when it eventually arrives! It better be spectacular!!!!
  • My order took 6 months to arrive, after I was told very clearly it would be a 3 month wait. They refused to give me a refund when I told them I wasn't happy with the time delay and were nasty to deal with.
  • We purchased our previous lounge 10 years ago from Demir Leather in Auburn and when we needed another lounge for the family room it was straight back to Demir Leather.
    We just received the new chaise lounge with sliding seat, and boy it's wonderful to watch TV on. The leather quality is fantastic, very comfortable, and great price, worth waiting for.
    Thank you Demir Leather, you made my New Year very comfortable.
  • Happy with the lounge except it took slightly longer than I expected. The choice of leather recommended was exactly how it should be. So good one on that.
  • My wife has been nagging me to get a lounge. Customer service was alright but it had the design my wife liked. Just put an order down today. Look forward to getting it.

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