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Homebush, NSW
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Up to 70% off your favourite brands!

Visit DFO Homebush for all your favourite designer brands with up to 70% off! 

With a mix of International and Australian luxury brands, DFO Homebush is home to more premium brands than any other outlet shopping centre in the country! 

You shop designer brands including Armani, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Coach Factory, Ermenegildo Zegna, Escada, Fossil, G-Star Raw, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Max Mara, Michael Kors, Nautica, Oroton, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sass and Bide to name a few.

DFO Homebush's location is 3-5 Underwood Road in Homebush. DFO Homebush is 15kms from the Sydney CBD and close to Sydney's Olympic Park, making it easily accessible by both car and public transport.  Get directions to DFO Homebush on Google Maps http://bit.ly/10DBGsS 
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Reviews of DFO

  • mzthing Local Star 168 reviews
    Just when I thought I couldn't be disappointed any further with this place from the last visit when they were renovating. The food options at the food court isn't that fantastic, there isn't enough here to please everyone especially the health fanatics and as usual the prices here in the food court are overpriced (you'd think you are at the city).

    The fact that they have placed boom gates and only provide 2 hours of free parking really annoyed me, especially when parking here is usually a nightmare (at least 20 mins is wasted getting in and finding a spot and getting out with the major traffic jam). If they wanted to raise money to fund for their renovations (which i am sure the public doesn't care whether they renovated initially or not), fine but they could at least allow for 3 hours.

    Secondly after walking around and checking out most of the shops available it makes you wonder what these retailers think about us Aussie consumers. To spend all your hard earned cash when you know what the items are really worth online. Some of the most expensive designer stores such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo just to name a few really don't belong here... and by the way these stores don't really reduce anything! They sell their items at the same price as you would at at a major retailers or their normal stores outside of DFO, you just think it is cheap because it is located in DFO. Thirdly all the items you find here are just old worthless items that no one really wanted to begin with.

    The only stores worth paying a visit and is the only reason why i keep coming here is for Oroton and Michael Korrs.

    What a shame! DFO could have had real potential after the significant renovations... but based on the food options and the stores available and the ridiculous prices and only 2 hours of free parking, why would you want to shop here? let alone shop in Australia. Save your money and go shopping overseas... It is amazing how these places think they can easily rip us off.
  • Jess_2014p Local Star 170 reviews
    The Converse Authentics and Sandler shops are my favourite stores here. You can find many of the big brands at DFO, although some stores have poorer quality items than their normal stores so beware. I wasn't tempted to stay here very long as it was unbearably crowded - they need to work in a few more cafes and areas where shoppers can escape the frenzy.
  • DFO - I think everyone knows about it and the idea that its a cheap, good quality factory outlets. Well.. Thats what I thought until I got there.. Its old, run down, the shops are not factory outlets and the stuff the shops stock are just outdated, old rejected stuff. You probably think the old stock must be discounted.. well no, its the same price you would pay at a store. Customer service - what is that? Its an unknown concept from the people who work there. It was my first and last time I will go there.
  • mzthing Local Star 168 reviews
    Haven't been to DFO for a couple of years. My recent trip there was a massive disappointment :( You would think they would revamp one level at a time to keep business running and customers happy. I was there not too long ago, their new parking lot is much better and bigger, however only one level was open to the public and the stores on that level was pointless...was only able to shop in one store Forever New the rest wasn't to my liking nor feeded my purpose which was to shop for business wear. There was Portmans but their stock looked old and def not worth wasting money on.

    Don't go until they finish the revamp or at least until another level is open.
  • atan7 Local Star 1,300 reviews
    I was looking forward to a trip to DFO as previous trips have been very fruitful. However, my recent visit ere was terrible as most of the shops were closed (the centre is undergoing renovation) and the store that were open didn't have very good deals, in fact one store had a blouse I bought from a standard store but it was more expensive! I wasn't impressed but hope this place returns to its former glory once the renovations are complete.
  • xbabydollx Local Star 1,113 reviews
    Came to this DFO expecting to shop and grab good bargains, but my friends and I didn't quite get to experience that. Half of the spots were vacant and the stores that were there didn't have anything 'wow' enough in price and in style to buy.
  • Bella.Blue Local Star 395 reviews
    Getting in and out of this place is a real nightmare - and you have to wonder if it is actually worth it. Oroton welcomes customers in with Customs-style security (and yes, they have barricades outside the stores). Many of the sales at DFO are not genuine - they mark prices up (as do many regular retailers) and then 'drastically' mark down, so really shop around before 'bagging a bargain'. However, stores like Cotton On, the Shoe Warehouse, Strandbags and Dotti are for real - Cotton On recently had everything in the store for $5 - Strandbags discounts upto 70% and Dotti is way cheaper than retail stores.
    Just note what the refund/exchange policy is, because some offer full refunds and others only a credit note, while some don't offer either.
    Security at this place is a joke - they wear fluro yellow vests but don't actually do anything other than looking cool and ushering cars into the poorly planned carpark.
    Food court is pretty limited and hence way overpriced.
    Sounds like a girls perfect shopping trip!
  • Larni 169 reviews
    DFO is a great place to get a bargin. they have a large range of shops to suit everyone. Prices are generally low, however there is usually alot of people around. Its hard to find a carpark, and the traffic getting to and from hombush can get pretty bad. But overall a great place to visit.
  • Great place for a bargain. Go early to avoid parking hassles and get lots of value for your dollar.
  • We did 90% of our Christmas shopping here and saved hundreds ! Great place to go because you actually get nice clothes/brands at fantastic prices instead of only seconds and strange sizes you sometimes get at other outlet stores.

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