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Dick Smith's iconic consumer electronic stores stock a comprehensive range of TV & Audio equipment, photography, computers, printers & office equipment, portable navigation, games, mobile phones and home security.

Dick Smith
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Reviews of Dick Smith

  • Maybe I am old fashioned, maybe I am just getting old, but I preferred the OLD Dick Smiths, when you could go into the shop and get whatever you needed for your electronic projects. Now days they don't have a clue what you are talking about, let alone stock the item. They sell a few DVD players, remote control cars etc, but don't have a massive range or cheap prices, so why would you buy from here when you have more choice at a place like KMart or Toys R Us. I think they sell a bit of everything, without specialising in anything. The staff are never too helpful or enthusiastic. Personal think they should become a gadget shop OR a electronic supply shop, and not try and be both.
    • Dman you are so right. The prices of cables in Dick Smith are way over priced. $20 for a small stereo lead I can make up for $5 with parts from Altronics? Even Bunnings do better here. If they want to make any money and survive in future they will have to become way more friendly and cheaper.

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