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Sydney, NSW
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digiDIRECT has over 50 years combined experience in the Photographic industry, starting out small digiDIRECT has grown a reputation to be one of the best professional camera stores in the country. Browse their extensive range of Digital Cameras, Lenses and Accessories today.
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Reviews of digiDIRECT

  • mins Local Star 945 reviews
    I bought my first digital camera here and always come back when I need an upgrade or accessories. I buy online but have the satisfaction of knowing they have an office address if there is any problems and I want to talk to someone face to face. They are always the most unbeatable price also when doing an internet search. I have bought everything from Canon to Samsung to Fujifilm and always received it quickly.
  • I think it all comes down to which staff member you get on the day. I was fortunate enough to be served by a guy called Pat at the King St store who was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I am a beginner who had researched a considerable amount on the 3 cameras I was choosing between so I was more looking for confirmation of my thoughts. I was walked through each camera's pros and cons candidly.

    It was refreshing to speak to someone who knew the intricacies of each camera I was looking at after going to a few other stores in the area, namely Ted's, where the staff member admitted to not knowing anything about the cameras, did not attempt to find another staff member who knew something about the cameras, made no attempt to bring up the fact sheets on their server, and did not even have a battery available for the models I wanted to try. Ted's was also a couple of hundred dollars more expensive.
  • After a lot of contemplation, decided to buy Canon 6D and its first lens from DigiDirect. Walked into their Melbourne City store and the experience was quite good. The salesperson was friendly, respectful to my little bit knowledge of this vast field, never tried to shove down any product my throat. They didn't have the lens I wanted to buy in stock, however the Canon 6D body was.

    I had an option to just walk out without buying anything, however the demeanour of the staff made me buy the body at least. As I have already indicated, the price of the body was one of the best in Melbourne, so didn't have to think much about it.

    I was provided with all the details on how to claim a cash-back (even though as an IT guy, its relatively very easy for me) and the warranty if needed.

    My experience with them was good and I will definitely give them a go next time. I wish they had the Canon 24mm f/2.8 in stock, I wouldn't have to go through the trauma of dealing with other camera warehouse in Melbourne.
  • Staff here is great! They helped me choose a present for my niece who like shooting but hasn't got her own camera. So they have knowledgeable enough to advised me to bought the camera I bought eventually because my niece fell in love with it and, believe me, she understands from cameras.
  • knowledgable and helpful staff, great product range...good location to pop out from work during lunch for xmas shopping
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