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Reviews of Direct Freight Express

  • No service whatsoever Sydney Sales Manager does not pick up his phone or answer his Emails or Voicemail 0 from me starting to think that they have no Sales Manager in Sydney now going back to StarTrack worth the money, had to give them half a star no option for no stars
  • Exceptional service right across the board as far as were concerned . Fast , cheap and freindly . My wife and I are associated with alot of small buisness owners in the western suburbs through our own buisness , we always recomend them . Recently our son has opened his first buisness and he is using them on a regular basis more so then us . We've also had quite a few deliverys too our house in fairfield especially around christmas as we do most of our shopping for presents online these days as were very busy. The customer service department are very freindly and the courier who brought the parcells to our house was very polite , always seems too be the same young bloke. If your looking for a reliable service with friendly faces then by all means enlist there services with confidence . I've used them all over the years ...toll , tnt , startrek and ive found direct freight express too be be my preference .
  • Drivers are fantastic! Deliveries on time and the drivers are extremely helpful!
  • Customer service is terrible. If you want your package at a ridiculous hour then use these guys
  • About as bad as courier services can get, I've had experience using just about all of them and Direct is absolutely terrible.

    5 Failed deliveries before my package was finally taken to my house, the driver said he had been here and left cards when in fact me and my entire family had been home on the days he thinks he attempted delivery.

    The only redeeming quality which earns them half a star is their customer service I received via the phone, they had two numbers, the service at their main Sydney call center was absolutely atrocious and they basically told me I couldn't ring them due to not being the sender of the package even though I had my details and tracking numbers..

    The other number however for the local call center was very helpful and they helped me eventually sort out all the problems and get the driver to deliver the package.

    All in all, I highly recommend against using Direct as they are one of the worst courier services available in Australia.

  • beanboy Local Star 305 reviews
    Such a friendly service, I've had these guys for 4 separate shipments and they called prior to their arrival to make sure I'll be home, and waited for me as one of the deliveries I was late for.
    • I have to wait 30 minutes to talk to someone. I need to reschedule after realise my booking 3 days ago was not enter in to their system

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