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  • ABN 74 680 877 366
  • ACN 000 000 000
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Reviews of Dodo Australia Pty Ltd - Head Office

  • What a joke..
    Adsl 2 at Dialup speeds.
    Don't waste your money or time, the speeds are Super slow, Service is very very average, you get told one thing and then charged another,

    Save your time and money!

  • looknow Local Star 757 reviews
    Their advertisement tends to always be promoting huge savings, discounts with unlimited internet access, wide coverage etc. I have utilised a number of telco suppliers from the major well-known brands like Optus, Telstra, Vodaphone. Dodo, by far has been the most competitive in price, however the downfall is the quality of service and network coverage is nowhere acceptable in comparison to the other leaders in the market. Of course due to major cost savings, all their service calls, sales, enquiries are handle from the Philippines. No issues with this, however in almost all my calls regarding some issue, I have always felt like I was speaking to a machine, as they simply follow a strict phone script which isnt customise in trying to resolve or in finding a solution that will leave the customer wanting to continue to utilise their service. In a recent internet agreement that was signed, in which they had committed a fast speed, Ive experienced everything but that. Have been on the phone with them so many times to try to find a solution to this, its almost running a dial up speed but paying a premium package for. Its unlikely Ill be renewing the agreement once it expires!
  • terrible terrible service, and i only signed up with dodo 2 days ago again i was on the phone for at least 3 hours talking to every tom, dick and harry and there supervisors, each of them promising something that never got told about to the other sales reps, at one point i created a conference call with 2 dodo sales reps, and it was clear as day they were not on the same page and we verbally fighting between each other, while i had them on mute, at one point one sales rep mention commission they were not gonna loose, they have no taken $400 out of my back after advising me to pay via credit card no refund has been given and when i asked for a address they gave me level 14, 600 st kilda road THEY HAVE MOVED TO Level 10, 542 Finders street. and to make it better every sales rep creates a new account and cancels anything else someone else has done, so so far we have paid for NOTHING AT ALL cause i got a call today about a cancelled bundle???
    • Agree worst customer service i have ever experienced. I cant emphasize enough how Incompetent they are I tried to contact 2ue (radio) station in Sydney but I was kept waiting to long will try again the message needs to get out to the public to stay away from this organisation.
  • Dodo Don't answer the phone.
    Their adsl is problematic.
    Do yourself a favor and use a different provider
    • Ha im on the phone with dodo now. Trying to get my funds returned for an unauthorised deduction from my account this morning. Have had to go through many persons. Eventually got a supervisor who apparently had to "request" by email for their "fax department" to type a fax and fax it to my bank for my funds to be returned to me today. An hour and a half later, still no fax. I was unaware that it took an hr and a half to type a fax?
  • If you want a cheap service go ahead, but be prepared for countless phone calls to their 13 number at a cost to you, be prepared to be on the phone for hours, getting transferred from level to the next, getting different stories as you go along, each time having to run through the same trouble shooting that treats you like an idiot, for them to say in the end we will log a fault. Then the problems start, you could be charged or not, they book a time for a call out and no one shows up, which you have to chase up as to why, if you are lucky and they do turn up, the fault may or may not be repaired or only a temporary fix is performed, they will close the case as being fixed, until it falls over not long after and the whole saga starts again. 15 months into a 2 year contract, there has only been 1 month where I have not needed to contact customer care, the rest it is up to 10 phone calls a month. They don't keep promises, you will get one tech promise one thing but doesn't write it down, or you could try what I did, requested a copy of the recording as I was advised it was being recorded, but that recording magically wasn't available, they can't find it, maybe because I advised them I was taking legal action for them calling me a liar,if you are one of the lucky ones good on you, but like the name they are as rare as Dodo's. One bit of advice don't try to tell the trouble you have on their Facebook page, the truth is not liked and your comments will be deleted and you are banned for life with no warning or explanation, make too many complaints on their complaints website page, well they don't get answered either, even if you are reporting a fault.
    • I have the same problem 4 weeks been calling them every day since I joined with them ,Today I received my bundle wrong xbox I'm in tears they where very quick to take my money, I done a big mistake to join with dodo, I see what they are going to say when I call them back its to late today but I try tomorrow .
  • Signed up for ADSL about 10 weeks ago, still doesn't work. Everytime I call they have me testing the same thing over & over again, then they tell me they will investigate it and get back to me. When they call back it's the same thing on repeat. They are useless. Bad service and product doesn't even work. Don't waste your time.
  • ordered my internet from them a week before christmas, they assured me it would only take 10 days to set up and i would receive my modem within 7. 1 and a half months later i am still waiting to be set up and still haven't received my modem. the staff did not show up for 2 appointments and all i was offered for waiting so long and taking 2 days off work to be at the premises was half a month free. stay away from dodo
  • dpak 43 reviews
    i bought a sony erriosn outright from dodo and saved heaps. about 50% cheap than other compannies. and Delivery went well

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