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  • sgorry Newbie   1 review
    A fantastic service, prompt, expert and very reliable. Plenty of updates and information, and the staff do a great job. Highly recommended.
  • Star76 Newbie   1 review
    The Doggy Walking team are Amazing!
    My dog can be a bit of a "mama's girl" and she Loves them!
    We are So grateful to have found you!
    Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
  • Natalie Griffiths Newbie   1 review
    Doggy Walking is just what I was looking for. I take my dog out for walks before and after work but felt bad leaving her in the apartment for 8 - 9 hours during the day. Cath and her team come Mon - Fri during the day to take my dog Elsie out for a run. I get photos, texts and updates about how she is going. I no longer feel bad when I'm at work about the dog being bored and lonely and when I get home my dog is still happy to see me but not desperate to go straight to the park!
    Thanks very much!
    • Sniffles123 Newbie 
      Hi Natalia, I couldnt help myself but comment on this.
      I know Elsie, I see her almost every day when I walk my own dog.
      She's a black fit one, I dont know the breed but I know shes crazy after the ball.
      The staff who walks her is not walking her, they doesnt play or do anything. They sits or stands in the back of the park and plays with their phone for 30 minutes why Elsie and all the others are starring at them....
      This is really upsetting to me, so please if you dont believe me then go to the park or send someone else when they are there and see for yourself...
      If you like your gorgeous girl then do not let her be walked by this company

      4 months ago - 23/12/2014

    • cath13 Newbie 
      Reply to Sniffles123. This is the owner of Doggy Walking. That person no longer works with us and is not a reflection of our values and the many lovely hard working walkers we have with us. We took this action before your post as it had already been bought to our attention. Would appreciate if you could contact our business direct in future if you have anything to add so we can discuss and if appropriate rectify as our reputation is obviously very important to us. We have hundreds of extremely happy clients and will ensure we take any steps necessary to ensure that stays the case. Thanks

      3 months ago - 26/12/2014


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