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Dolcini Cafe

Putney, NSW
Open today - 6:00 am - 4:00 pm
Mon 5:30 am - 5:00 pm
Tue 5:30 am - 5:00 pm
Wed 5:30 am - 5:00 pm
Thu 5:30 am - 5:00 pm
Fri 5:30 am - 5:00 pm
Sat 5:30 am - 4:00 pm
Sun 6:00 am - 4:00 pm
putney's family affair - 

the heart of putney village is dolcini cafe, offering its locals consistently delicious coffee at the hands of the putney born-and-bred guardala brothers. 

denise, their mother, bakes moreish, home-made, gluten-free almond biscotti that are seen in many of sydney's other leading cafes. 

dolcini's other must-haves are their daily-baked nutella muffins, famous italian scrambled eggs and cafe freddo ice coffee.
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Reviews of Dolcini Cafe

  • Theres a reason why Dolcini is the busiest caf in Putney!!! Best coffee, great for breakfast & lunches & MUST TRY their ice coffee
  • time for another update. took my girlfriend to dolcini for brekky for her 30th, the other day. booked an outdoor table in the sun. ok, no sun (until a little later), so it was a little cool; but at least it ostensibly avoided the blaring radio. play music, sure. but who needs to hear ads, while in a cafe? (and I'm in advertising.) ordered eggs florentine with smoked salmon; benedict, with double-smoked ham. in both cases, the eggs were delicately poached: perfectly formed, snowy-white and cherubic, oozing rich, orange-yellow yolks. the almon should've been warmed over slightly, but was high-quality and sat flat, on top of excellent seven-seed sourdough. presentation was excellent. mind you, if you specify doubt-smoked ham on the menu, it's not ok to execute with bacon, no matter how lean. not without checking, anyway. this quibble aside, it was all very fine. service was very good, for the most part, too. guava & mint and apple, lemon and mint juices were good, also. importantly, my large long black was both hot and strong, as requested. and my partner was complimentary of her cappuccino, notwithstanding a heavyhanded dusting of chocolate. it's still a little expensive, but f this quality proves consistent, we'll be back more often : ) a big lift in their game since I first went there. though I'm still not game to venture the 'italian omelette' again, quite yet.
  • It's high time I updated the record of my experience here. At the invitation of the big boys who own and run the joint, my partner and I returned to re-evaluate. On that occasion (a while ago, and too long to remember precisely what we consumed), staff were much more responsive and attentive (though there's still room for improvement) and the big breakfast I recall I had was truly excellent: well-presented, generous, well-cooked. Coffee redeemed itself too. Keep this up and I'll be one happy chappy. This coming Monday, I plan to return for an informal business meeting, so I hope the quality of my last visit is replicated.
  • At least 3 times a week I travel all the way from South-East just to satisfy my tastebuds at Dolcini, the service and menu have now given me an addiction. Coffee made to perfection and an atmosphere that keeps me there for hours (you dont ever want to leave) Dolcini is sure in my top 4 in Sydney. x
    • And you're related how?
    • Atmosphere? It's NOISY! You might as well stand on George Street, outside the Queen Vic, listen to the music of Sydney Buses, be jostled by passers-by and breathe in the fumes. I can believe the Dolcini fanclub so rudely discounts and dismisses others' alternative experiences, so I'm joining the fray and melee. The fact is, my coffee has been consistently cold and characterless; the service offhand and lax. How I wish it were different, since I don't come from the southeast (where is that, NZ?!), but from just up the road. It's so convenient! I'd much rather be able to report positively. For Dolcini's sake. And mine.
  • Always enjoy my trip to Dolcini, I have been there numerous times and this cafe never seems to fail. The ambience is great, really warm and friendly service. Quality of the food and coffee is exceptional and the service is fast. Highly recommend this cafe for families and couples or individuals just wanting take-away.
  • Fantastic Service!! Simply Awesome Coffee!! Great food!! Nuff said.....

    • Well, aren't we in a tizz! Well, you appear to be. While it's touching a family friend, as I'm sure you are, should protest, on the basis of loyalty, methinks you doth protest too much. If eveything was as good as you contend, there'd be no reason to contest my experiences. While I'm sue 'the boys' mean well and have 'poured their heart and soul' into making Dolcini what it is, that doesn't turn a foldover fried egg into an omelette. An omelette is made from beaten eggs and these weren't. If Dolcini wants to call it something else, that's fine, though it's of highly dubious culinary merit whatever they might call it. But it isn't an omelette. And the coffee is far fro awesome. A best, it's quite good. 'Local boys made good' may feed the local and parochial patrons what they need, but I need better.
    • Well there is an assumption that is far from correct. Not a family friend but a very, very satisfied customer. And to suggest I have no reason to question what you wrote. I notice that you did not take your concerns to the boys in person at the time, but left your chest beating until you were safely home infront of your keyboard. Troll often do you?? And yes those boys have poured their heart and soul into making Dolcini what it is today which is why you should show some respect and voice your concerns face to face. And the proof of just how good Dolcini is, can be seen in the packed house that they enjoy on a daily basis. Every local with any modicum of taste, knows where to get their coffee at.... You need better you say.... Well we have saying for people like you.... 'Tell your story walking pal!!'
  • OK, so, no, I haven't yet tried the biscotti or muffins. But the coffee's not hot, or strong, even when one specifically requests both. The 'Italian-style' scrambled eggs sits atop a round piece of pita bread, which looks and tastes like it's straight from the freezer; no toasting, no nothing. The omelettes just aren't. I've never seen anything like them. A wafer-thin, fried egg calzone would be the closest description I can muster. Mine featured uncooked tomato, mushroom and barely-melted, rubbery cheese, with a 'drizabone' slice of rye on the side.

    I really want and try to support local business. Dolcini is exceptionally handy to me. But they really don't deserve it. The wait staff are lousy.
    • Well aren't we in a tiz. I have just read your review and find your assertions to be wildly off the mark. I have been a regular patron of Dolcini for over 5 years now and am yet to be served anything that was less than 5 star in its quality, taste, presentation and delivery. The boys have poured their heart and soul into making Dolcini a business that the whole of Putney is proud to
    • The Italian style scrambled eggs are what i order every brekie at dolcini. I am pretty sure that before you attended to your little report you finished your entire dish, if you felt as though there was a problem with it why didnt you send it back to rectify what you thought was incorrect. They, I am sure would have sorted you out.
  • These guys really know their stuff.
    Fresh food, great atmosphere and friendly staff.
    Paul knows how to knock up a real coffee in seconds and Dozza always gives service with a smile. The boys always put a smile on your face.
    Dolcini certailny gets my day going!
  • This is one of those cafe's that has a great family atmosphere and we love to go with the family for breakfast. The freshly made muffins are absolutely the best I have ever had and with their great coffee, you couldn't ask for anything more. I couldn't imagine starting the day any other way!!! Well done boys keep it up.
  • I have been going to Dolcini Cafe from the first day the doors were opened and i must say if your after a great coffee, great food or you love your sweet's, Dolcini Cafe in Putney is definitely the best place to go to and the Service is excellent. If you live in the area or driving through Putney its a must to pop in, you will be very impressed!!
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