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Dr 7 Medical Centre, located on the corner of Wanneroo Rd & Royal Street in Yokine.

GP Services and Sub specialities we offer are: 
Aged Care
Antenatal Care
Care Plans
Corporate Medicine
Family Medicine
Health Assessments
Immunisation, Medicals
Men's Health
Occupational Health
Women's Health
Work Cover

Our on site services include:

Exercise Physiology
Restoration Clinic 

Our team are on hand to help with you with any problem, and are friendly and experienced.

We have wheelchair access and plenty of parking is available.

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  • chrissoula63 Newbie   2 reviews
    It's an absolutely useless doctors surgery. They don't really care about you and your problems, once your 10mins is up that's the end of your visit.
    Not to mention the long waiting times, absolutely hopeless.
    This is my review.
  • Renee79 Newbie   1 review
    absolutely useless reception staff, waited TEN MINS on a repetitive hold to be told the opening hours online aren't actually correct. I'm actually appalled at how rude and vague staff was.

    5 months ago - 29/10/2014

  • plartine Newbie   1 review
    Called at (am to get an appointment.The staff was totally disinterested to even wait for me to completely finish spelling my surname. Arrived at 2pm for a 2:10pm appointment only to find 2 staff members having a domestic while myself and another waited to be attended. So after a long wait another staff called me to the other side. They couldn't find my appointment one of those two other staff members who had booked me in had stuffed up. I walked out in disgust.. Why do these people that work in these place so rude and give themselves more importance than who they work for.

    6 months ago - 13/10/2014

    • Queenofgreen Newbie 
      The reception staff are so rude here......... I can't believe it. Who owns this medical centre and do they care, obviously not.

      5 months ago - 24/10/2014

  • LFTW3 Newbie   1 review
    Whats is the saying ...fool me twice...?

    1st Visit - called to make an appointment for my sick 1.y.o.
    Rude reception, assured me doc was only running 20 minutes late and this was at 6.40pm. I got on for my 6.30pm appointment at 8.10pm! Can you imagine how distressed I was with my son by that stage? No apology after the fact just coldly told that would be $75 as after 7pm it was out of Bulk Billing time.

    2nd Visit - under duress - called to make appointment again for my 1.5 year old after finding no one else who could take us in the afternoon at 2.50pm. One hour later - saw the doc at 3.50pm. No information, no comment, no communication of the delay. After seeing doctor, I then stood around the front desk for 10 minutes with a sick child in arms for them to snatch the bit of paper in my hand, walk off talking to another receptionist and then thrust a bit of paper on the desk with a pen and a curt 'sign here'.

    I would IMPLORE the management to review the customer service skills of the staff manning the front desk as well as review your system of squeezing in 10 minute slots - WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY NOT WORKING.

    Bite the bullet, offer you patients quality rather than looking to book quantity.

    7 months ago - 21/08/2014

  • Disco1986 Newbie   2 reviews
    Reception rude. Waited over an hour after making a booking more than 24hrs earlier. Not once was notified to say doctor was a bit late, normally 15 or so late but over an hour come on. After waiting and getting coughed and splattered all over becaise some people cant cover up and be polite they expect me to pay in full. For a service I wpuld not recommend or come back to this terrible place.
  • Disco1986 Newbie   2 reviews
    Reception rude. Waited over an hour after making a booking more than 24hrs earlier. Not once was notified to say doctor was a bit late, normally 15 or so late but over an hour come on. After waiting they expect me to pay in full. For a service this bad I would not recommend or come back to this terrible place.
  • Robyn Banks Newbie   1 review
    Receptionist is rude and the standard fee regardless of what you need is $75 if you don't have a concession card

    9 months ago - 11/07/2014

  • Geri Young Newbie   1 review
    Rude phone reception. Wanted to charge $75 for 1 year old vaccinations that are free everywhere else.
  • let'shopetobehealthy Newbie   1 review
    I agree, with all the other reviews, please go somewhere else where you're seen as an individual, not a number. If you leave a message for the doctor it hardly ever get passed on. Nobody rings you even if its so important. I only found one decent secretary so far. Not to forget that if you work away is practically impossible to get your doctor to ring you. Never had any problem like that in other family practise.

    11 months ago - 30/04/2014

  • klvk Newbie   1 review
    Having recently moved into the area, I was ringing around to find a medical centre to join. I rang DR7 and asked if there were any available appointments for that day (I was happy to see any doctor as I just had a sore throat). I was told in a very rude and abrupt manner that due to there being a number of doctors in the practice, I would need to go and choose a doctor off the website and call back to make an appointment, and was told in a very condescending manner that they do not bulk bill (which I would have been fine with had it not been the way it was stated to me). The phone staff that I spoke with sounded like they were in a very bad mood, was extremely unhelpful and clearly wanted to get me off the phone as quickly as possible. Needless to say I did not call back and have found another medical centre where the reception staff were friendly and helpful.

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