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  • colostomy   3 reviews
    Very polite and efficient bulk billing GPs..

    11 months ago - 23/04/2014

  • Local112 Newbie   1 review
    I have been a patient of Doctor Saha's for over 5 years.
    First one to ever get my Blood pressure down to a normal level.
    Researched the latest medications and got it down.Also got my Cholesterol down to normal.
    If the people who made the Negative comments below think this place is bad, they need to go to Balmoral Medical Clinic in Hornsby to get an eye opener.
    Jenny the Receptionist has always been polite.
  • Joie007   4 reviews
    Been a patient of Dr.Saha for more than ten years so are the whole family, he is a good doctor who has many years of experience. Never had any problems with any of the receptionist there. Regarding waiting time, no one can give a specific time when seeing a doctor.
  • Nurse53 Newbie   1 review
    This doctor old fashioned and has not kept up to date with recent medical knowledge. I had pneumonia but missed the obvious signs and did not diagnose me correctly late one Friday afternoon. I was so very sick over the weekend I went to the Hospital in tears in the early dark hours of Monday morning at 0410am where I had a chest Xray. They saw the pneumonia and phoned doctor on Wednesday. rang me and said "Apparently you have pneumonia" - I drove to doctors office and I got the wrong antibiotics. It was more than seven days since I had seen the doctor for what was actually pneumonia, before got it right. I put my trust in a doctor who got everything way, way wrong. practices medicine from the 1950s. I have gone there because they bulk bills - but I get what I pay for - nothing. Go somewhere else.
  • diamond44 Newbie   1 review
    i'd heard from may people that this place was terrible but i just thought well its a doctors, how bad can it be but wow yeah it is bad, the staff is actually extremely rude so much so that she made me cry, even though i was clearly nervous about my visit and stressed because i was made to wait unnecessarily and was in a rush. and while the doctors are kind of competent, they are rude as well . so at the end of the day i ended up crying and being made to wait for half an hour after my appointment time (they had just opened, i was second appointment of the day, and they are a very small practice so there was no excuse) to see the doctor for 10 mins. do not go here if you are expecting friendly and prompt service.



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